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I have had a sleeve started, had loads of ideas but now i have a fair bit space left at the back of my arm and i am pretty stumped as what else to include. Maybe a poor idea and not up your street but I really like Seeing cupcakes and sweets tattooed on girls. Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Help Pleeze on best way to start planning out ideas for a right arm sleeve.

Long gone are the days where only men had skull tattoos, females have taken the skull design and made it their own!
When image loads, click or slide (for mobile users) to view next image Evil Girly SkullSimple but effective evil looking skull and crossbones with pink bow.Girly Skull With Heart EyesThis skull and hearts design, very much like the one above. Lovely coloring of the headphones and the purple element gives it a very different look.Girly Skulls With BowsNext in our girly skull tattoos list is this double leg piece.

While it’s not hugely ‘girly’ it is very unique and unlike any we have seen before.Girly Skull on FootOK, so this is one of the stranger looking girly skull tattoos in that it looks more alien than skull.

Tattoo of deer skull
Lips tattoo dubai


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