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Author: admin | Category: Harley Tattoos | 04.05.2015

After I posted my palette cleansing polish of the moment: Cruisin’ Nude, I seem to be jumping back on the glitter train!
I had originally bought Girly for a giveaway but last week it was cold, dark, and rainy and I really needed something to pep me up! It is worth noting that this is not the original Girly that was released as part of the Edgy Elegance Collection in 2011 –  I must say I think the name fits this polish much better!

Many of you will enjoy this modern blue vector art piece and make their Twitter pages really stand out.
I couldn’t stand staring at it’s glittery goodness day after day and finally caved (Sorry! Few years ago they where still considered as a part of the punk movement or fashion accessories of metal band members, but today skulls are back in trend.

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