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This website has a good colour scheme as I think their target marketing is mostly younger users group, whom concerned about their appearance.
These days your customers and potential customers expect to be able to find information on your business and your product information on a website and maybe even online ordering too depending on the product or service involved. Appropriate use of colour and graphics is vital in catching attention, this is often best left to the professional or you risk ending up with a website that looks like a child made it.
A website should be attractive and engaging to customers, not one that frightens them away. Navigation should be logical and as simple as possible, it should be easy for visitors to get from one product to another. A good website does not just present products and facts but presents them in such a way as to promote a visitor action whether that’s an enquiry for more information or a purchase. Prompt visitors to take the desired action by using a clear bold call to action, even a simple ‘Call Now for Free Quote’ can make a big difference in visitor response.
The TechnologyOur websites are coded with the latest and greatest in web technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript development technologies, to ensure the greatest progressive enhancement and durability of your website from now and into the future. Here’s two screens of a financial website I found informative, and more to the point, a great example of good web design. I think this site has a good colour scheme because they use the right colours that are relevant to their business concept. Therefore, as I think the company want to represent their website as youthful, fresh, new and bright.

That means if you don’t already have a website, you really should be thinking of getting one and if you have one already you should be asking whether it’s doing its job effectively. A website should convey your message, your professionalism, the information visitors need and it should help to turn your visitors into clients.
Photos should be of good quality especially for product images where image quality can be a sales driver.  Use your logo design at the top of the site both to grab attention and to aid branding. The colours, fonts, layout and navigation should all be ‘sensible’ and complement each other. Even if a visitor leaves your site without making an enquiry or purchasing, your website design will leave an impression of your company with him that ensures he will recognise your brand easily later and familiarity promotes business! Professional looking presentation goes a long way in the customer’s decision making process. You can read more about about prompting action at our blog post on conversion optimisation. Sometimes spending a little on professional copy writing can be a great idea, why go to the effort of having a good looking website if the information within it is second rate? A team with years of experience building websites that work to serve our belief that at the core of your marketing mix, there should be a professional, dynamic and engaging website that projects your business effectively and contributes to your overall online success.
From layout and font, to breadcrumbs and call-to-action, this site was easy to navigate and clean and concise in it’s information. Thurs, these made the website looks more interesting and eye catching for their target users.

As it looks simple and it does also represent the Japanese culture and their type of business very well. Text should be easy to read so avoid the classic design error of poor contrast against the background. They used back colour as a background, and red and white for the text font, which make it more easy to read and more visible. Moreover, they used monochrome scheme for the background images as there are dark blue and light lighter blue and also used of gradient to highlight on logo area. The high contrast colour of dark text with lighter background, which makes the text looks more comfortable to read.
You need a site that functions properly, but you also need designs that look appealing.As good website design has become more important, it has also become more complicated. In the 1990s, a bright business owner could figure out how to make a simple website that would keep customers happy. The idea that a business owner could run a company and manage a useful website at the same time is absurd.

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