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Click the thumbnails to show a larger image, and then click the large image to show a full size version. Vidal’s mixed-media breakthrough as a first-magnitude celebrity was neither a surprise nor an overnight success.
By 1960, in fact, it began to seem as if Gore Vidal was the collective nom de plume of a half-dozen equally gifted men. The writer’s active interest in politics came even earlier that his commitment to writing. In Myra Breckinridge, Vidal moved from the surgical dissection of political venery to a broader and bloodier attack on America’s social and sexual mores.
With his fiction becoming increasingly polemical, Vidal has often turned to the critical essay in recent years to promote his ideas.
Vidal divides his time between homes in Rome, where he does most of his writing, and in New York City — although a number of projects have made him a frequent Hollywood visitor this year. Vidal: If the technician were interested in solving real problems, we would all be in his debt. Vidal: Yes, and because they mean to do nothing, while the lively new radicals of the left have given up. Playboy: Nixon has announced that after an era of confrontation, we must now begin an era of negotiation.
Vidal: He enjoys taking trips abroad and thinks himself an international expert because, over the years, he has met a great many heads of state with whom he has spoken through an interpreter for as long as 30 minutes. Vidal: If we continue, not only shall we go bankrupt, we are quite apt to be destroyed in a nuclear war with China. Playboy: Do you think public sentiment for peace is sufficiently strong to influence the new administration in the direction of a negotiated settlement in Vietnam? Vidal: The sad paradox of liberalism is to want majority rule while realizing that the majority is instinctively illiberal. Playboy: Do you think Americans, at this point in time, are more susceptible to fascism than other people?
Playboy: If you really believe a fascist takeover is in the works, what do you propose to do about it? Playboy: Do you think drastic reform is likely to be affected by our present system of government? Vidal: Though the Authority would, in its own sphere, be absolute, it would never be the instrument of any one man. Playboy: Would you explain what you mean when you say the Authority would be able to limit births?
Playboy: What would become of the family if only a few people were allowed to have children?
Playboy: Despite your long-standing animosity toward the late Senator Kennedy, you were ready to support him for the presidency before McCarthy announced his nomination. Playboy: Do you believe that the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy were the work of lone lunatics — or of a well-organized conspiracy? Playboy: To return to the Kennedy assassinations, don’t you feel there may be some evidence to support the conspiracy theory, particularly in the Oswald case? Playboy: Whoever assassinated John Kennedy, and for whatever reasons, do you believe that if Kennedy had lived, he could have reversed, or at least arrested, the social decay you decry? Playboy: Don’t you think Kennedy laid the groundwork for genuine social progress by giving the nation a new momentum in peace and civil rights that could have come to fruition in his second term? Playboy: Is your hostility to the Kennedy family prompted exclusively by political considerations, or is there an element of personal animus in your opposition? Vidal: He had a fine dry kind of humor, not very American, coupled with a sort of preppish toughness that was engaging. Playboy: Do you think the various superpower confrontations in Asia or the Middle East might lead to a nuclear showdown that would end just that way? Vidal: A good ruler in a falling time falls, too, while a bad ruler at a time of national ascendancy rises. Vidal: Eisenhower understood the military-industrial complex better than any other man for the simple reason that he was its chairman of the board for eight years and a loyal branch manager before that. Eisenhower’s career demonstrated how it is possible to fool all the people all the time. The proof of his political genius is that he left the White House almost as popular as when he entered it. Playboy: Yet, in foreign affairs, Eisenhower managed to keep the peace more effectively than his two Democratic predecessors.
Playboy: You feel it better for our Presidents to do nothing, yet your Authority would do everything.
Playboy: Do you think that under your Authority, the average citizen would find himself more or less happy?
One of the reasons for the great rise in crime in recent years is that most police departments are more concerned with cracking down on prostitutes, gamblers and homosexualists than they are with what should be their proper function: the protection of life and property.
That various religious establishments might find certain kinds of behavior sinful is their business, not the state’s.
In the debate before the laws were changed, however, one heard the tribal voices loud and clear, calling to us from the Stone Age, when our lives were short and our natural enemies many and, to protect the tribe, it was a duty to breed. Playboy: Do you foresee a drug culture if everyone is free to turn on in any way he pleases? Vidal: My father did wonder if, perhaps, I had gone too far, to which I replied that only by constant skirmishing on the frontier are new territories opened up. Vidal: Myra favors anything that would limit population, but there is considerable evidence that she dislikes homosexuality.
Playboy: After your first two novels, Williwaw and In a Yellow Wood, you were hailed, with Truman Capote, Norman Mailer and John Horne Burns, as one of the brightest literary lights of the postwar era. Vidal: Wit and irony are distasteful to Americans, who believe that to be serious is to be solemn. Vidal: De Tocqueville predicted that a society organized like ours would prove to be hostile to the original man. David gore murderpedia encyclopedia murderers, David alan gore one of the most vicious serial killers in florida history was executed on april 12 2012 after spending 28 years on death row.
United states presidential election 2000 wikipedia , The united states presidential election of 2000 was the 54th quadrennial presidential election.
Mother son pictures gallery - freaking news, This gallery top 21 selections parent contest mother son. Politics - rolling stone, Check rolling stone' latest political news features covering today' hottest political topics matt taibbi' .. Another dose martian awesome - bad astronomy, If someone woke me out of a sound sleep and forced me at gunpoint to say which is my favorite camera in the solar system, they’d probably have to shoot. Though he’s only 43, he has been excelling in a remarkably disparate number of careers for close to a quarter of a century. Graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy in 1943, Vidal served out the war on a ship transporting men and supplies from island to island in the Aleutians. About Rocking the Boat, the first of his hardcover collections of nonfiction, New York’s Mayor John V.
Shooting began a few weeks ago on his adaptation of Tennessee Williams’ The Seven Descents of Myrtle, and he is both writing and producing big-budget film versions of Julian and Myra.
But if Nixon has ever had any ideas about the American empire or the situation of the blacks, he has been careful not to confide them to us. The Bill of Rights was the creation of the educated few, not of the ignorant many, who would have rejected it — and in practice do reject it, quite as firmly as Mayor Daley did last August in Chicago.
Is there any cause for more than the usual degree of pessimism about our current prospects? The strain of violence that has always run deep in our society has been exacerbated by two race wars: the one at home against the blacks and the one abroad against the yellows. Pressures from students, New Left and militant blacks could cause the conservative majority of the country to counterattack, to create what would be, in effect, a fascist society behind a democratic faA§ade.
Do you intend to continue living abroad, as you have for several years, or have you considered staying in this country to help organize a liberal opposition? And I find that hard to admit, because for all of my adult life I’ve generally accepted what we call the democratic process. And environment means not only air, earth and water but the distribution of services and products, and the limitation of births.
Isn’t it inevitable that the power of your Authority would sooner or later circumscribe the private life of every citizen? What would happen to the citizen who didn’t wish to live in your brave new world — to the devout Roman Catholic, for example, who refused to accept your population-control measures?
If everything is so bleak and hopeless — short of the accession to power of the Authority — why did you bother? I supported McCarthy because he mobilized the youth of the country and acted as if the national institutions might still be made to work. But then, the artist is always more concerned with the moon’s dark side than the man of action is. I remember once giving to a particularly bright interviews writer a very guarded report about my childhood, which was much the same as Jackie’s. You have no idea what a muddled view of things the American aristrocracy had in those days, with their ferocious anti-Semitism, hatred of the lower orders and fierce will to protect their property from any encroachment. At about that time, I asked a member of the Holy Family why the President had allowed his brother to run. X can be stupid or a drunk or a religious maniac, but if he has the money for a major political career and enough political flair to make a good public impression, he will automatically attract to himself quite a number of political adventurers, some talented.
There’s honey in the comb and perhaps one day the swarm will move down Pennsylvania Avenue to occupy the White House.
Shaw said that the only topics worthy of an adult’s attention were politics and religion, both in the largest sense. You seem at times to take the Spenglerian view that individual men don’t really affect history. He certainly indicated in his farewell speech that he understood the military-industrial complex, which many people now think dominates our foreign policy. Even Eisenhower managed to begin the Vietnam war by not following his normal instinct of staying out of mischief. The worst sort of dictatorships now have the means to maintain themselves in power as a result of advanced communications.

In the private sphere, everyone has a perfect right to kill himself in any way he chooses — gin, cigarettes, heroin, a bullet through the head.
Now, 50,000 years later, the tribal mind is still programed in the same way: Make as many babies as possible and try to discourage any sort of behavior that might curtail the supply.
Under the Authority, do you believe the trend would be toward the type of polymorphous transsexuality you exalted in Myra Breckinridge?
But I do think that if we survive long enough to evolve a rational society, there will be a trend toward bisexuality. Some critics have charged that you have emulated and exploited that which you purport to condemn. If I were to say that I had written it in order to make money, I would be immediately understood and absolved of every sin.
But in 1948, your third book, The City and the Pillar, created a literary scandal, as you pointed out, because of its explicit account of a young man’s homosexual disintegration, and you were abruptly consigned to literary limbo.
This is not only a hangover from our Puritan beginnings but also a stage through which second- and sometimes third-generation Americans go as they try to make their own the language and the customs of a country still somewhat alien to them but to whose flag and prejudices they feel they owe a passionate commitment. Often concurrently, he has been a novelist, a writer of television dramas, a Hollywood scenarist, a theater critic, a playwright, a member of inner White House social circles, a political columnist, a television personality and even a political candidate. To top it off, Vidal was the Democratic candidate for Congress in New York’s 29th District.
He satisfies his interest in politics by working for the New Party, which he helped found after the defeat of Senator Eugene McCarthy and the bloodshed of the Democratic Convention. More to the point, since he is interested only in self-promotion, he is not about to jeopardize The Career by taking a strong position on any issue. You know, empires have their own dynamic, and individuals don’t much affect their progress. But the size of the audience finally tempted me; as a polemicist, it was too good an opportunity to miss.
It was a fascinating display of girlish temper, with eyes rolling, tongue flicking, lips moist and, as always, the spontaneous dissimulation: The only action he ever saw was in a classroom, teaching Spanish.
The 19th century waves of immigration from slave societies like Ireland, Poland and Sicily have not yet been absorbed, and these new Americans, by and large, do not take easily to the old American values. Where the Authority would have no jurisdiction would be over the private lives of the citizens. The thing should be run like a Swiss hotel, with anonymous specialists going about their business under constant review by a council of scientists, poets, butchers, politicians, teachers — the best group one could assemble. If education and propaganda failed, those who violated the birth-control restrictions would have to pay for their act as for any other criminal offense.
If Kennedy had lived, do you believe that McCarthy’s role would have been that of a spoiler? Also, though I don’t believe in character changes, I do have a theory that if you keep giving a conservative politician liberal speeches to read, he will eventually become a liberal, and vice versa.
Once, sitting next to Jack Kennedy at a horse show, I remarked how easy it would be for someone to shoot him. I realize that a generation brought up on horror comics and Gunsmoke is convinced that the MacBirds did in our Prince, just so they could make the White House their aviary; but I think it not very likely. As for my opposition — is it likely that, with my view of what needs doing in the country, I would ever be much pleased with the works of such conservative and conventional politicians? Liberal hagiographers will always have a difficult time recording the actual background of our Republic’s Gracchian princes.
He was able to force through the Congress all sorts of constructive legislation, ranging from public health to civil rights.
Given the power, would I also have the faith in my own rightness to pull down the house and then the energy, as well as the wisdom, to build another? Or was he merely shorting up what you consider the old, outmoded social and political institutions? But then, army staffs are the same everywhere, and those who rise to the top, particularly in peacetime, are usually master politicians of Byzantine cunning.
If a woman can get $100 from a man for giving him an hour’s pleasure, more power to them both. The result has been a society of peculiar corruption in which the police, more than any other group, have been literally demoralized. As I said before, it is not for the state to decide whether or not he is to live or die, what he is to eat, drink, smoke, make love to. Yet we live with daily evidence that the human race is committing suicide through overpopulation. Ideally, reality should be so interesting that we don’t need tranquilizers and stimulants.
But at the risk of shocking everyone, I must point out that if I wanted to use writing for making money, I would have settled in Hollywood long ago and bought a chain of Encino supermarkets. Certainly her depressing reports on the activities of Myron, her alter id, can hardly be called erotic propaganda. All that matters in the arts is excellence; and though the sex life of the artist no doubt affects to some degree his moral tone, the final work must be judged as a thing in itself. In absorbing a new culture, the ironies are the last thing to be noted, and those who indulge in them are the first to be condemned. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Gore Gallery interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. Written when he was 19, it was followed in 1947 by In a Yellow Wood, and Vidal found himself in contention with Truman Capote for lionization as America’s brightest young literary light. The most successful of his television plays, Visit to a Small Planet, presaged Vidal’s deepening political concerns. Our interview began with the political turmoil of the past year and a half — and the outlook for the new administration.
The tensions have been building up, of course, ever since the Puritans arrived on these shores. No doubt my Venetian ancestry makes me prone to this sort of government, because the Most Serene Republic was run rather like that and no cult of personality ever disturbed those committees that managed the state with great success. Most people have no talent for bringing up children and they usually admit it — once the damage is done.
As for the children that we do want, I’d like to see them brought up communally, the way they are in certain of the Israeli kibbutzim.
For all of Bobby’s renowned toughness and abrasiveness, he was politically conventional and timid. Friends of mine who were close to Kennedy tell me that in the last months of his life, he really seemed to believe his own rhetoric, had come to identify with the poor and the dispossessed. The villains, if they exist, are probably Texas oilmen, fearing a Kennedy repeal of the oil-depletion allowance: in other words, a conspiracy as unserious politically as the John Wilkes Booth caper.
Yet when the matter ended, the Soviets were still in Cuba, 90 miles away, and we were neither stronger nor weaker, despite all the theater.
For one thing, there are too many other swarms at work — Humphrey, Muskie, McCarthy, not to mention the possibility of a Nixon second term, followed by a good bee like Lindsay, or a bad bee like Agnew. He was something of a wonder, in marked contrast to his predecessor, who treated him with contempt; the Kennedy courtiers, in fact, fled at his approach. When Roosevelt’s experiments began to go sour, the Second World War disguised their inadequacy. It is true that a lifetime spent in the military hierarchy makes one totally unfit to respond to the needs of a civilian population, but that is another problem.
At present, nearly every form of sexual activity outside marriage is forbidden him by laws that vary in their medieval exuberance from state to state.
The Authority would guarantee everyone the right to do as he pleases, as long as his activities are not harmful to the general welfare. Tribalists have taught us to view male and female homosexuality as a form of disease, instead of what it is: a term used to describe not personality but a specific sexual act.
But both books are marred by a tendency to mime the styles of Stephen Crane and Ernest Hemingway.
Vidal spent much of his childhood in the company of his maternal grandfather, Thomas Pryor Gore, the blind senator from Oklahoma, guiding the fervidly isolationist old man around the Capitol and reading newspaper editorials, the Congressional Record and works on monetary theory to him. Well, it doesn’t take a profound student of the human heart to know that the tax cuts will be accepted gladly and that the ghettos will be no better off. I would certainly go to the barricades for any movement that wants to sweep away the Pentagon, Time interviews and frozen French fried potatoes.
Up until the end of the 19th century, we were confined to our own continent, seizing land from Mexico, trying to invade Canada and, of course, breaking every treaty we ever made with the indigenous population, the Indians, as an excuse for slaughtering them as well as expropriating their land. At Chicago, they had a chance to revenge themselves on their economic and intellectual betters.
Incidentally, it is part of our tribal lore that the Puritans came here to escape persecution. Unfortunately, our tribal propaganda makes every woman think her life incomplete unless she has made a replica of herself and her loved one. I suspect that eventually, the whole idea of parenthood will vanish, when children are made impersonally by laboratory insemination of ova.
It is a place for the activist young, an alternative to the system that has made Richard Nixon emperor of the West. Not long ago, something like 30 percent of those living in one Manhattan neighborhood were found to be in need of psychiatric help.
It could very well be that intense atomic radiation might cause the remaining human survivors to mutate, to change biologically. I once asked General Snyder if he thought Eisenhower would campaign actively for Nixon in 1960.
The sort of thing one might have found in Stalin’s memoirs, had he not made ghosts even of ghosts.
In any case, she is no worse than the childless wife who insists upon alimony once a marriage ends.
I remember when the Wolfenden Report first came out in England and proposed that homosexuality between consenting adults be made legal.
A perfect example was the astronaut who saw fit to read to us from the moon a barbarous religious text, disproved by the very fact it was being read from the moon. The tribe, however, has done its best to legislate our behavior, and this has done an enormous amount of damage.
In the late Fifties, he wrote two more plays for the tube (in one of which he played a minor role) and worked on a number of film scripts, including Ben-Hur and Tennessee Williams’ Suddenly, Last Summer.

At Exeter, still very much under his grandfather’s influence, he organized a group that propagandized against American participation in World War II. His congressional career was a perfect blank — nothing accomplished, no one represented except an occasional favor for those who contributed to his famous slush fund. In actual fact, they were driven first out of England, then out of Holland, because of their persecution of others. Contrary to his usual billing, Buckley is not an intellectual: He is an entertainer and self-publicist, and since the far right have practically no one they dare display in public, he has been able to make a nice niche for himself as a sort of epicene Joe McCarthy. For one thing, I’m convinced that man is biologically programed for war; and now that we have the means to end human life on the planet, is there anything in our past record to give one cause for optimism? But 70 percent of the Congress did not, on instructions from the National Rifle Association. Traditionally, we have always interfered in the private lives of our citizens while allowing any entrepreneur the right to poison a river in order to make money.
A pity — but then, it is not written in the stars that this peculiar race endure forever. Auchincloss and Jackie moved into my room, inheriting several shirts of mine, which she used to wear riding.
But one thing is certain: The magic of the Kennedy name will have faded in four years, be gone in eight years. It’s been argued that Johnson’s programs were inadequate, but then, what is adequate in times like these?
He shook his head — and discussed at some length the care with which Eisenhower separated himself from others. But, unfortunately for us, he regarded the presidency as a kind of brevet rank, a sign of the nation’s gratitude, involving no fixed duties to disturb his golf game.
While Dulles spouted Scripture to the heathens, Eisenhower resolved to do nothing — and I must say, those years look positively golden in retrospect.
Of the countries of the West, the United States is the only one to have laws against fornication as such. Yet cigarette advertisers are allowed to spend millions of dollars a year to convince young people that cigarette smoking is a glamorous, status-enhancing thing to do — and so the young are hooked early and made addicts. That’s why I gave up whiskey two years ago and now drink only wine, a slower and more graceful way of heightening and then pleasantly losing reality.
A frank and sympathetic homosexual romance, it cast him out of literary favor with readers and critics alike. His second Broadway play, The Best Man, followed in 1960 — and also ran for two seasons.
By the time he decided to run for Congress in 1960, the conservatism of his youth had evolved into a tough, if not radical, liberalism — favoring recognition of Communist China, federal aid to education and a decrease in defense spending. The fact that we recruit our police from the same class that provides us with our criminals makes them even more dangerous to us, because the true criminal at least has their respect; he is their brother, while the college professor represents all that they fear and detest. Unable to be honest, he is forced to be personal, accusing Norman Mailer of wife stabbing and so on. Congress, President, courts are not able to keep industry from poisoning Lake Erie, or Detroit from making cars that, aside from the carbon monoxide they create, are murderous weapons. One can just as easily convince people that to bring an unwanted child into the world is a social crime as grave as murder. Further, I would favor an intelligent program of eugenics that would decide which genetic types should be continued and which allowed to die off.
In fact, only in America do we pretend to worship the majority, reverently listening to the herd as it Gallups this way and that.
It was his bad luck to be caught in a revolution he didn’t understand, though he did like its rhetoric.
At least he did what he could do, given the kind of government we have, and that is the most any conventional party politician can be expected to do. Though the American empire may be collapsing and none can stop its fall, I would still rather have seen McCarthy as President than Nixon or Humphrey. In fact, Eisenhower’s doctor, General Snyder, delivered me some 43 years ago in the cadet hospital at West Point, when a star shone over the Hudson Palisades, and shepherds quaked. The baby supply would be endangered, the fabric of society disrupted, the streets crowded with young men selling their bodies.
But if I had to choose between the aggressive drunk who smashes up a car and the passive marijuana smoker who bores me to death at a party, I’d take the pothead any day. But the judgments of those who write for newspapers are generally worthless, because journalists are paid to anticipate and exploit the moral prejudices of their readers. At least the television audience discovered that there was someone on the left with a tongue and a mind as sharp as Buckley’s on the right. Vidal lost the race but garnered more votes than had any Democratic candidate in the district since 1910. Reports on his vice presidential years show that at Cabinet meetings, he seldom had anything to say about issues but a good deal to say about promoting the party. But then things improved in the 18th century, and we had a good beginning as a nation, with a rich continent to sustain us.
It’s within the range of our science to create, very simply, new people physically healthier and intellectually more competent than ourselves. At least the Authority would guarantee more private freedom to its citizens than they now enjoy. However, since I believe that one must always act as though our affairs were manageable, I should like to see a Party for Human Survival started on an international scale, to try to persuade people to vote willingly for a life-enhancing as well as life-preserving system. He felt that he could do nothing with the Congress, and so he did nothing with the Congress.
I was unaware of her, however, until the Forties, when I began to get reports from friends visiting Washington that she had introduced herself to them as my sister; I was, pre-Kennedy, the family notable. Rather, he will be just another politician whom we have seen too much of, no doubt useful in the Senate but nothing more — and so, familiar, stodgy, cautious, trying to evoke memories that have faded, he will have to yield to new stars, to a politically minded astronaut or to some bright television personality like Trudeau. I find the thought of a dramatic change in our physical and intellectual structure most exciting.
The subject was a Latin-American country where it looked as if one of our military juntas was about to be replaced by a liberal non-Communist regime. After all, the survival of the race is slightly more important than the market listing of the American Tobacco Company. There was a marvelously insane premise at work here: If homosexuality were legal, heterosexuality would wither away! If you want to know what the stupider members of the tribe are thinking, read the Chicago Tribune or the New York Daily News. After all, we do it regularly in agriculture and in the breeding of livestock, so why not with the human race? He often spoke of the risk of assassination, but I doubt if he thought it would ever happen to him.
Incidentally, I used to know Clay Shaw; and if there is anyone less likely to have been involved in a political murder, it is that charming apolitical man.
All that can be said of this time is that radical action is necessary if we are to survive.
I suppose the most we can demand of a conventional President is that he have some understanding of what is going on and a willingness to confide in us. Getting back to your question, the Authority would be activist, in those areas of crisis that conventional politicians refuse to face. If we really insisted that everyone try to conform to that sexual activity that is most practiced at any given moment, then we should have to admit that the statistical norm is neither hetero- nor homosexual but onanistic. Their attitudes reflect every sort of ancient superstition and bear no relevance to the world we live in. The two Kennedys were charming, conservative politicians, nicely suited for the traditional game but hardly revolutionaries or innovators. Anyway, I certainly know what her childhood was like, since it was pretty much the one I had endured. Johnson was a compulsive liar, rather like Roosevelt, but without that master’s High Episcopal charm.
He will be duly warned on the cigarette package, however, as to the lethal dangers of smoking.
Since England finally made legal whatever consenting adults choose to do, not only has the oversupply of babies continued, as usual, but there has been no noticeable decline in heterosexual relationships. We face the prospect of racial guerrilla warfare in the cities, institutionalized assassinations in our politics, suppression of dissent in our Chicagos and a war in Asia that can at any moment turn nuclear — and terminal. For one thing, he would have been holding the franchise for his brother and that would have meant a second administration as cautious as the first. So I told the interviewer something about life in that world, described how sequestered it was, how remote from any reality: Great money is the most opaque of screens. He was the snake-oil salesman, just as Nixon is the Midwestern realtor, gravely intent upon selling us that nice acre of development land called Shady Elms that turns out to be a swamp. Worse, Johnson did not, does not and never will understand the nature of the American empire and its consequences to us and to the world.
Naturally, I realize it will be difficult to convince the average American of the morality of this. It was something our pre-Christian ancestors recognized as a part of man’s religious life, as well as a means of pleasure. They are dizzy and often dull-witted, but they reflect the living aspects of our civilization as opposed to our tribalism, which is decadent and, hopefully, dying. Now America’s white hordes are on the mainland of Asia sustaining a much-deserved defeat.
More to the point, the quality that gave him his great charm was not of much use to him as Chief Executive: an ironic detachment about himself and others.
Yet we go on breeding, creating an economy that demands more and more consumers to buy its products — an endless, self-destructive cycle. In that sad continent, we support a wide range of military dictatorships that our Presidents, invariably, refer to as necessary links in the bright chain of freedom with which we are manacling the world.

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