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This suit was based on a c.1480 original once belonging to the Arch Duke Sigismund of Tyrol. When I had finally completed the suit I was asking $18,500 but the more I looked at it the more things saw that I could have done better. The last pieces upgraded on the suit before it sold were the detachable toe extensions for the sabatons pictured below.
Subcribe to the Armour feed to be notified of updates and when new armour becomes available. The Gothic period, born out of the Romanesque, dominated European art from about 1100- 1450, up until the Renaissance. During the Romanesque period, architecture was very blocky in design, and buildings therefore were very heavy and dark.

Architectural sculpture was also in high demand during this time because of sheer amount of architecture that was being built. Thought this art style produced artwork in several mediums such as sculpture, painting, stained glass, and illuminated manuscript, it is most well known for its remarkable feats of engineering. The Gothic period however ushered in several new architectural techniques that included groin faulting, flying buttresses, and pointed arches.
Like architectural developments, sculpture technique also progressed significantly during this era.
These new developments allowed architects to not only construct buildings that were much wider, but more impressively, even taller.
Figures became more rounded and naturalistic, and subtle details, such as the folds in clothing, or individual features made the pieces all the more naturalistic.

The naturalistic developments paved by Gothic artists would have a profound influence on the artists of the Renaissance who would later perfect the art.
Now that structures did not require as many weight-bearing walls to support the building, windows could be added in large quantities. 6,456 square feet of stained glass dominate the walls of Sainte Chapelle, located in France.

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