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Chances are, goths aren't going anywhere any time soon; similarly, gothic-inspired tattoo imagery is sure to remain popular and readily available for a long time to come. The bottom line is that there is no single "correct" way to create a Gothic cross tattoo design.
The tragic and dark nature of the storyline has made it one of the most beloved Gothic stories of all time.
You can draw from one of the many pop culture examples that are available or create something entirely new. Though anything gothic may strike others as dark and eerie, these are actually just enlightened representations about life’s truths such as death and beauty. One featured upside down is often perceived as the sign of the Devil, but one placed right side up simply represents the four elements encircled to be bound together as one.

With Gothic cross tattoos the sky truly is the limit, which is one of the reasons that the gothic subculture has endured for so many years. By doing a quick Internet search for the term "Sleepy Hollow," you can quickly find several gothic cross images for inspiration. When translated into artful designs, these mystical and fantasy symbols make a dashing supplement to anyone’s tattoo fix. A dark outline of this design suffices for a good tattoo, but you may also go for red, blue, or purple hues with other design elements. These tattoos can be placed on the shoulder, where the bat is depicted to be coaxing blood from the neck; or on the upper back, with the bat’s wings widely spread out. Surely, immortalizing a gothic tattoo on your skin puts forward the boldness of your character.

Simply sitting down with a copy of the book and reading it through on a dark, stormy night should also be inspirational.
Other tattoos depict a gray cross with flattened edges and a ringed upper half, much like those seen in tombstones. Among the most sought-after fairy icon is the downcast girl, with her wings tattered and a tear in her eye as she sits on the ground.

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