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SMA creative graphic design agency has completed more than 300 graphic design projects working for a wide range of clients who just keep coming back.
Our award-winning creative graphic designs are focused on creating thoughtful, effective and innovative graphic design to make our clients stand out from the norm or competition.
Our experienced graphic designers create print and digital products for a varied range of businesses including other graphic design agencies looking for that something special. Our graphic designs work across a wide range of graphic media some of which can be seen by clicking on one of the images above or watching the slide show, there is also a list of graphic design services at the bottom of each page. SMA design have a simple graphic design philosophy which is to make simple things special whether that’s for an iconic brand, corporate identity, websites, brochures, publications to signage and wayfinding.
When you work with our graphic design agency you will be in safe, yet creative hands that work tirelessly to provide exceptional graphic designs that realise your aspirations. If you have a graphic design project you would like to discuss, why not give our team a call to see how we can assist. Why not ask about our on-site graphic designers who work at your location to produce stunning graphics in a fraction of the time and cost?
Entomology is probably a worthy cause but anything involving scalpels and rubber gloves is, frankly, creepy. A fun poster design for a festival held each year in the Republic of Ireland, incorporating lots of bright colours associated with warmer weather and happy times spent outdoors! Designed to depict ‘a glass half full’ this poster portrays the positive side of a rainy day — being able to go indoors as a child and play with all your favourite rainy day toys! Space is a problem every Government is confronted with as their populations increase en masse, worldwide. There's nothing more uninspiring than a dusty reference book sitting inaccessibly on the library shelf.
I offer a range of creative services from website design, and print design to illustration.
In Ireland the solution is to grow outwards and it comes at a heavy price — environmentally and ecologically.

So if you are looking for a logo design, business cards, a new brochure design, a website or traditional or vector based illustration please get in touch and let me show you what I can do to help your business. To capture the essence of the artfully produced Entomologist, the design was kept stark and clinical, a bit like the morally ambiguous lead character.
Cue 'Th!nk' — a simple yet sophisticated concept created to reach the full spectrum of its target audience.
The Urbansprawl project is designed to generate debates that will lead us one step closer to a better solution.
Consisting of 25 colour coded books, each dedicated to a specific designer, 6 degrees is a vibrant collection of fast, accessible resources.
Designed in a format sympathetic to its readership it uses bold colours and an accessible style that appeals to all ages. In opposition of flat, grey Government documents its attention-grabbing format is designed to bring life to a damaging trend with far-reaching consequences. Hard on facts and light on waffle, they're designed to provide a seamless study tool so students can spend less time in the library and more time doing what they do best, getting inspired their own way. Open up one of these templates or create a new one.Your contract needs to be as specific as possible. The posters drive home the point that dyslexia doesn't have to hold you back — just look what Einstein and Lennon achieved.
A project which seeks to motivate, inspire and ultimately achieve unification in a common goal. In the upper right hand corner of the document you can type the words SERVICE TERMS, CONTRACT or any other variation in a bold, 12 or 14 point font size (larger than the rest of your contract type).On the left side, type your name, title, address, telephone, fax, Email, etc. If charging by the hour, be sure to put your hourly rate on the contract and an estimate of how long it will take you to complete the project. Make sure all of your contact information appears here.On the right, type the date and complete contact information for your client. But you can easily save a copy of this document as an invoice so when you complete your work, you can send an invoice that mirrors your contract.

Just because you have your policies on your Web site doesn't mean you can be skimpy in your wording here. Example:Commercial Copy? Copy Due DATE? Revisions and rewrites included as defined in policy? Payment for services due within XX days of final revisionType in your price for the project (or estimated hours if you are working on an hourly rate). If you are working on an hourly rate, be sure to include terms on how you handle going over the hourly estimate. If you are doing your business via fax, as most freelancers hardly meet their clients these days, you'll want to tell the client they need to sign the contract and fax it back to you. You will sign the contract before you send it to them for their signature so they will have your signature on their copy.Make two lines at the bottom of the contract. One for you with your name typed below the line and one for your contact person at the ad agency or individual business with their name typed underneath the line.
Getting their signature is no guarantee they will pay but it does increase your chances.Should a client not pay within the time you specified on the contract, send a formal, friendly letter along with a copy of the contract they signed.
Be sure to reference the contract and the fact that your payment terms were outlined on the contract itself.Having this piece of paper is not bulletproof protection. However, it can help you tremendously should you ever run into a client that refuses to pay.
As a freelancer, just be sure you've exhausted all efforts to get the money you earned. Otherwise, the client could spread the word and other agencies may be leery of doing business with you.Consider putting a line in your contract that you will get paid even if the project does not make it to print. And this results in you not getting paid for the work you have completed.Ad agencies and business owners are not bad people!

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