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We live in a world driven by the colors and imagery reflected around us and powered by the technology at our fingertips.
Instead of piecing together information from a variety of different places, aspiring graphic designers can get all of the answers they need from one comprehensive resource. Plans are in development to continuously roll out new information and content, so it will be a graphic design resource to keep an close eye on for the future. Art History: an effective graphic designer understands the history of art and its many forms. Traditional Art: while most of a graphic designer’s art is created using a computer and software, understanding traditional art methods such as sculpture, painting, and drawing is important for a good artistic groundwork. Software: understanding the latest design software is crucial for a successful graphic designer. Course information sheets are available in alternative formats such as large print on request. This part-time creative qualification is designed to equip you with the knowledge, flexibility and skills required for a successful career within this exciting and ever-widening industry. Sony's Design Manager Oliver Wright visited our HND Graphic Design course on Friday 26 February. Assessment methodsDuring the course you will work with a range of specialist lecturers (including practising designers) in well-equipped studios and workshops. Provision of basic art & design equipment such as layout pads, pens, scalpel, ruler and external hard drive - prices vary according to specifications.
For completing students a contribution towards D&AD New Blood Exhibition expenses (approx. Additional Learning SupportIf you have a specific learning difficulty or disability, problems with English and Maths, are deaf or hearing impaired, or missing the essential skills needed to complete your course, our Additional Learning Support team are on hand to give you assistance whenever you need it. Autism & Asperger’s Syndrome SupportAt Bedford College, we are committed to developing the provision for students on the autistic spectrum, including Asperger’s Syndrome. Graphic designers who work on packaging create the imagery and text on everything from cereal boxes to cosmetics to attract customers while also informing them. The best package designs are aesthetically pleasing, creative, and provoke (hopefully positive) emotions.
Color, typeface, and layout are integral to surface package design, with which graphic designers are most involved. Package label designers must work within the constraints imposed by the physical dimensions of the package and the information that must be shown. A career as a graphic designer can take many different flavours because graphic design touches so many areas of visual output. Some graphic designers focus on certain areas of graphic design, such as book sleeves, corporate identity, typography or design for screens.
Unlike other areas of design, graphic designers can often trade on their talent, ideas and portfolio as much, if not more, than formal academic qualifications.
Familiarity with design software, as well as an ability to work and produce visual ideas away from the computer will appeal to employers. As a rough guide, expect starting salaries for a graphic designer to be around ?15,000 a year, rising to between ?20,000 and ?30,000 for more senior positions. Consequently, one of the key skills needed by graphic designers, as with most areas of design, is the ability to communicate with clients, understand their needs and business objectives and then interpret these objectives creatively. Graphic design skills are used in many areas of design and industry – anything that uses visual communication could be created by a graphic designer. There are also four design-related national vocational qualifications (NVQs) – work-related qualifications based on the National Occupational Standards for design, created by Creative & Cultural Skills.
Ongoing professional training can also be beneficial in many areas of design activity and organisations such as D&AD, the Design Business Association (DBA) and the Chartered Society of Designers provide professional training courses, as do many universities and colleges.

Graphic design is an area of expertise that opens up a world of job and career opportunities. That said, there are three main types of career paths that you could follow as a graphic designer. This is actually a great choice if you’re just starting out and trying to get a foothold in your career. Once you have a steady stream of clients, you can quit your day job and go full time as a freelance graphic designer. If you’ve got a burning desire to build your very own graphic design empire, which has the potential to outgrow your freelance status, then you can create a design company.
The main difference between freelancing and creating your own company is that your company will have the potential to expand in size and take on employees or work partners.
There are so many incredible in house graphic design job opportunities available, in every sector of the workforce.
All large companies and corporations have in house graphic design and marketing teams to create company documents, update and develop ongoing website content, social media campaigns, and marketing materials.
It is so important, in this day and age, for everyone from small businesses to multinational corporations to have a strong visual presence, and that need is driving a strong demand for graphic designers who can marry artistic aesthetics with effective commercial strategies. Current graphic designers can use the articles to keep abreast of developments and the designs section for inspiration.
You will be encouraged to develop a highly individual ideas-based portfolio, either within broad-based graphic design or tailored to a specialism, such as advertising, illustration, typography or new digital media.
Oliver presented to students the work his department undertakes for the promotion of Sony's world-wide entertainment and gaming lines, whilst his colleague a recent graduate, explained his educational journey and his transition from College to the workplace. Applicants from A-Level programmes displaying high levels of creativity will also be considered, as will mature students, who will be considered individually on experience rather than qualifications. Project briefs will be set for each assignment and you will be encouraged to develop a personal response to each task. They must also be functional, and meet legal and organizational requirements of the company and the consumer. These package designers work closely with marketers and engineers to develop packaging suitable for a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, food, beverage, software, and almost anything else that is sold in bulk or retail.
For example, food packaging is limited by many government regulations on size, nutrition information, symbols, and logos. Graphic designers work with letters, colour, patterns, illustration, photography, information and physical materials to create everything from annual reports to corporate logos, from maps and diagrams to album and book covers, from product packaging to digital interfaces – and much more besides. Some also specialise in particular industry areas such as graphics for property development or for fmcg packaging, for example.
Nonetheless, most professional graphic designers study to higher national diploma (HND), foundation degree or degree level in graphic design or a related art or design based subject. A portfolio of projects and ideas will be valuable to demonstrate artistic ability, style and vision, but remember that most professional graphic designers work within the constraints of commercial briefs and client requirements (although some visual artists are commissioned by design groups and client companies specifically on the strength of their unique artistic style). Very experienced and successful graphic designers can earn ?50,000 and above in creative director roles. The particular objectives of a piece of visual communication will be set by a client’s brief and may be rigidly commercial – such as ‘help us sell more products’ - or may be artistic and aesthetic – such as ‘create a feeling of trustworthiness around our company’.
Some graphic designers specialise in a particular skill, such as typography or editorial design, whilst others may bring a strong knowledge and strategic understanding of branding. The world is increasingly dependent on digital communication and graphic design is an integral part of that process. And each one of these three main paths offers the opportunity for you to have options when choosing which graphic design position would work for you.
As a freelance graphic designer, you can offer your skills up to your desired market place on a project by project basis, enabling you to work for yourself for a range of different clients.

If you’re crazy about designing for print, whether its for business marketing or designing stationery for luxury weddings, then you can build a freelance career around this. With a clear visual brand identity, a target niche, and a lot of ambition, you could use your graphic design skills to grow a business. With a team of dedicated and specialized graphic designers, your company will be able to attract the attention of top clients. These types of companies require all levels of graphic designer due to the high volume of work and variation required, meaning that if you can get a job in one of these types of company, there is a great amount of room for personal development and career advancement within the same company.
Companies that create products or provide services often have their own in-house design team dedicated to making the brand look good. There are so many different types of media for which you could create art, including clothing, toys, home furnishings and more.
She is a full-time freelance writer and designer, with a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Creative Writing. No matter where at someone is in their Graphic Design career this new website meets the need by touching on every part of the process. Graphic design portfolios are featured on the site regularly to allow people to look at the work of successful & good work in the graphic design industry. Fourteen of our students worked within teams on live briefs set by Santander, Syfy, Save the Children and Topdeck Travel. Entry will also be subject to a successful interview, where you will be asked to present a portfolio of your creative work, including developmental worksheets or sketchbooks. All activities will be are supported through one-to-one tutorials and group discussions to inform personal progress and aid assessment.
The package designer's challenge is to meet all these needs while still making the package attractive to the consumer.
But a lot of graphic designers are versatile and can bring their understanding of visual elements and composition to work in many different areas.
Graphic designers work at design consultancies, as in-house designers at non-design companies and as freelancers, and on average work normal office hours. More than just creating logos and editing photos, graphic designers help to fulfill a variety of artistry needs. You can start by doing freelance work as a second job, while you build up your skills and portfolio. Similarly, if you’re a calligrapher, Photoshop wizard, or Flash designer, then you can sell your services to clients on an individual project basis and build an impressive portfolio of work that will enable you to increase your prices, be more selective about who you want to work with, and take on projects which really excite you. You could open a boutique wedding stationery design company, with an ambition to become the go to company in that industry. This could be anything from clothing companies to auto manufacturers to housekeeping services. Graphic design is everywhere, and therefore, graphic designers have nearly infinite possibilities for artistic career paths. Work experience opportunities will also be made available to you in the latter stages of the course. Salaries vary depending on geographical location, but jobs (and higher salaries) are concentrated in major cities and in London in particular. Very often, the most successful freelancers develop one particular area of expertise, so that they can be known as the go to designer for a skill, artistic style, or unique process.

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