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I feel like I should preface this post by saying I am definitely an amateur when it comes to graphic design.
I’m going to talk about the four programs I use to create different things, but I know there are many more. And right now Ia€™m offering a FREE PDF to all of my newsletter subscribers with detailed screenshots and instructions on how to create your own organizational printables– snag it upA here!
PicMonkeyA (affiliate link) is another great graphic design tool that I discovered shortly after I started blogging.
My friend Jenna at Rain on a Tin Roof teaches you how to make an invitation in PicMonkey and how to use it to make your photos pin-worthy. There are a lot of free graphics to choose from and even more that you can purchase for just $1 each. The biggest thing that keeps me from using Canva more often than I do is that when I save a project that has wording in it as a picture file, sometimes it saves the wording differently than how I designed it.
I also use Photoshop to create the newsletter for my parents’ non-profit each month since it is printed and includes a lot of pictures.
There are tons of videos on YouTube devoted to Photoshop and endless forums all over the web answering questions.
I’ve always wondered how everyone makes such fantastic headings and titles for their blog pages! This post talks mostly about options that I think almost anyone could use and master, so hopefully after reading it, you’ll have the confidence to go out and try them for yourself if you haven’t already!
At the end of this post, I want to give YOU the chance to share your expertise if you’ve written any type of graphics tutorial, so watch for the link up option and let’s all swap ideas!

I think I have unintentionally become the “graphic design in Word tutorial” girl! I use the shapes the most and occasionally find ClipArt I like, but there really aren’t tons of great options right in Word. I have found that when I try to use graphics I have made in Word on the web, they aren’t always completely crisp.
It is really easy to catch on to, and they keep adding more and more options and making it better and better. The overlays and text features make it easy to create something within the first few minutes of playing around with it.
So if you make a graphic and realize you made a mistake, you have to go back in and recreate the whole thing.
It has a lot of pre-made graphics where you can just plug in your own wording and have a totally professional-looking logo.
When I was making my subway art for the boys’ room, for example, some of the fonts would save bigger or smaller or the alignment would get messed up when I saved it. Photoshop gets the most professional-looking results of the programs I’ve mentioned, but you have to figure out how to use it first. I need to devote a lot more time to it to really figure it out and use it to its maximum potential.
I make graphics in PicMonkey and then upload them to my blog and the colors turn out differently. This is one thing that’s really been bugging me lately and now, with your help, I have more information!

I started using Word for everything when I was a teacher and needed to make worksheets and handouts for my students. It is also easy to find pictures and graphics to use for printables or other design projects. It is a more complicated program to learn, and since I am more comfortable with the other programs I’ve listed above, I probably use Photoshop less than I should. And I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who finds Photoshop hard to navigate!
I’m going to have to check it out, although your annoying bug of text not saving correctly sounds frustrating. There are lots of text options that are great for creating subway art or inserting text over pictures.
So while I still like the program and use it some, I probably don’t take full advantage of it for this reason alone.
When I really want a professional look or am going to be printing things out, though, I do try to muddle through and use Photoshop because I know I’ll really love the results.
It’s noticeable in my latest post where I made two graphics and the brown background are completely different. When I want rulers, guides to snap to and have my graphics look more crisp, I try to use GIMP.

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