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Design portfolios come in all shapes and sizes - but these examples show what a great one looks like. The internet is full of thousands upon thousands of awe-inspiring creative resumes and design portfolios. Sign up below to get the latest from Creative Bloq, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox!
Creative Bloq is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. To enable you to stand out in this tough market, it's important to make your online portfolio as impressive as you can.
You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. It's not just the examples of work that need to blow away your potential clients (although they do help) it's the way that they're presented. You don't have to be a superstar web designer; a touch of creativity and innovative thinking will get you a long way.
And there are plenty of free online tools, such as Behance, to help you build a portfolio without any coding knowledge. In this way, there clients are unable to review most of their work and there are more chances that they will back off and find some other designer.Why Make a Portfolio?There are a great number of designers all over the globe and it’s one of the most rapidly growing information technology fields with the growing demand of website and graphics designing.
Studio Schurk Studio Schurk bring humour to their animated site designAnimation studio, Studio Schurk (meaning Studio Rogue in English) show off their sense of humour in their bold and punchy site design. Graphic Designing includes logos, banners, brochures, flyers, business cards and a lot more. The animations show off their talent while being interesting and fun, scroll down to see their equally bold designs. Today, there are a lot of individuals or companies that regularly need some kind of graphic design. Whether it be for online uses or printing purposes.A portfolio for a designer is the basis of clients whether to hire you for their designing needs or not. Melanie Daveid Melanie Daveid's site shows that simplicity come sometimes say it allUX Designer and Art Director, Melanie Daveid's portfolio is simple yet beautiful.
There are a number of things to consider but before you start designing your portfolio, study the reasons why is it important and in what ways will it help you. A Dandy Punk The Dandy Punk expresses his multifaceted talents through a multimedia portfolioA Dandy Punk hasn't just created a beautifully intricate illustrated portfolio but an online presence and alter-ego. Your client will not be interested to choose you as their designer unless you don’t showcase your work in that specific designing they want from you. Sean Halpin Sean's simple, yet cute portfolio site contains everything it needs to in one neat designScroll through Sean's kitsch little green world to discover how he can help you build your perfect site. His design is simple and easy to read, yet effortlessly displays his skills and talent for bold, stand-out web design. Get the testimonials from your old clients along with your portfolio so that the new clients get more satisfied from you.
This will in turn bring more customers to you.Represents a Genuine BusinessThere a lot of designer emerging nowadays. Christopher Lee Multidisciplinary designer and illustrator, Christopher, displays his passion for toys and 90's cartoons in his designsChris doesn't just share his name with legendary actor, Christopher Lee but apparently a creative talent too.
Many are talented and possess great skills but still there are some designers that don’t have a proper experience in this field.

His design site, The Beast is Back, showcases his punchy designs and illustrations influenced by 90's cartoons and urban street culture. Instinct Instinct's portfolio is an interactive cornucopia of visual delightsRussian design agency, Instinct's portfolio is a stunning flash interactive site. Pick up various items and chuck them into their bizarre, surrealist steampunk pot and reveal their work via videos.
It really is quite the show, and if you want more of the "boring" snippets of info, just pull the curtain chord - voilà!
Some will prefer really professional, clean graphics, some prefer 3D, while others want shiny, colorful designs.
Gisele Jaquenod Gisele's cute cartoons capture her personality and design style perfectlyArt has dominated much of Gisele's life, and that is evident from her quirkly cartoon-styled portfolio. The designer's site expresses her personality, from her obvious love of animals to doodling. Soon you will come up with a final design and when you submit a preview of it to them, you get bad remarks. However, she doesn't overcomplicate it, with menus remaining simple and easily navigated, and strategically, her Etsy selling page taking centre stage on the homepage. This will not only waste your precious time and effort but you will also get a bit frustrated and end up saying bye to your client.Showing a portfolio to your clients before taking their order will prevent these situations. Your client will confirm before if they need some variation in their design from the past work you have done.After getting to know the reasons to make a portfolio and how much importance it holds you must be thinking ways to make a beautiful portfolio. Adhemas Batista Adhemas Batista's portfolio reflects his passion for colourA Brazilian-born graphic designer and artist based in Los Angeles, Adhemas Batista has worked with some of the world's biggest brands, including Adidas, Coca-Cola and Sony.
His awe-inspiring portfolio reflects his passion for exploring vibrant and colorful concepts, all of which pop againt a bright white backdrop. So if you got skills and can come up with a design on graphics software, it will be way too easy for you. And if you have the coding skills it would be a plus.Don’t worry if you don’t know how to code an image to working website! You can get it done from any coder for as low as $20 for single page!Most of the designers have their websites setup already where they offer their packages or services. Anybody going to pay for something needs a proof, and a design portfolio is similar to a proof for buyers!So following are the essential tips that you should keep in mind before designing your own portfolio website!
These are the things that really matter and will make your portfolio stand out!Make a Decent CollectionBefore making a portfolio, do enough work and increase your collection till some extent. This is a great turn down for clients and they will probably think that you are an amateur and you don’t have much experience in designing field. Don’t include the designs you think are not much attractive as compared to your other work. This may cause your client to loose interest in getting their job done from you.Categorize Your PortfolioYour goal is to convert your portfolio visitors to your customers. This will just annoy your visitors and they will most probably end up closing the window.Separate your designs according to the categories.
Like if there are logos, banners, business cards, flyers, brochures, just separate them up under different partitions with a prominent title to distinguish it from other designs. It helps the buyers in a way that they will look for samples in that specific design category they want to get a design from.Variety in SamplesAs I discussed earlier in this article, that all the clients do not have same choice. Your design may have a preference of one client and it may be rejected by the other so don’t ever do the mistake of adding same kind of designs in your portfolio.Have a variety of samples, so your client may have an idea that you will come up with something unique, different and something new for them.

On the other hand if you have all same kind of designs with similar effects used in all of them, your client will not be much interested and you may loose them.
I myself request a photo of printed graphics I design for my clients.Include TestimonialsInclude testimonials from your past clients somewhere in your portfolio.
Instead be clever and place them in an efficient way so they are as prominent as your portfolio items are. Let your client write a little about how was their experience to work with you.Show Your Work ProperlyMany designers add small thumbnails of their design work or show a little part of it due to the fear that someone will copy their work.
Don’t do that, instead host the full-sized images on your own server and link the thumbnail or small image to the full size image, or make some functionality so that the image may zoom up on clicking. Host them on your own server instead of linking to external websites, you may give a link though but keep a check if your client has not updated their site.Make Your Layout SimplePeople in search of a designer are looking for a website with an easy navigation.
The layout as a whole should look simple, attractive and everything on the website should be easy to understand.
Remember contrast is your friend and you have to play with it in a creative manner.A Little About YourselfHaving an ‘About Me’ page is also a plus point. To make it more attractive, add any kind of picture of yours, a portrait, sketch, caricature or anything representing you.Moreover giving links to your social networks profiles from here is better.
So if you think that there is something in your portfolio which seems to be odd to you then there is no need to keep it anymore in there. It gives a good impression on returning customers.I have added some really attractive portfolio designs for inspiration. It will give you a better picture of how you have to get creative and design your own unique portfolio.In this portfolio, the design has given a very easy way to navigate around. The animation gives access to contents of website with keyboard shortcuts.The designer has beautifully embed the images in a frame. The designer has wrapped all the necessary components of a portfolio website in a single book shelf.
See how little sprinkles and toppings can make your site delicious!The design is an example of use of many colors in a proper and beautiful manner.
The abstract not only contain colors but also represents the name of designer along with easy navigation beside.Here is another creative artwork. This builds a friendly environment and look at the way how designer has introduced himself to visitors. Such techniques leave impressions in the mind of your visitors.If you have a look at the complete website, you will see how in only a single page, the designer has added all the information a client is seeking for. Starting from his introduction to a few recent designs followed by his service offerings and then finally an easy contact form at the bottom.Here comes another example of one of the tips I gave to you earlier. The designer has categorized his work and presented it separately instead of mixing up all kind of designs.Here we have another minimal and attractive design.
It represents the talent and skills of the designer.And at last, simple yet effective about us page. It consists of a paper background effect, little sketch of the designer, and some introduction to him.Like it?

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