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Responsible for design and layout of print and web version of this nationwide weekly small business magazine. Use our free Graphic Designer resume sample to create your own professional resume and start getting better results from your job search.  This graphic example contains design industry keywords that will help your resume stand out from other candidates. Majority of us are still baffled what is the main difference between curriculum vitae and resume? In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
The major distinction between both of them actually lies in their length.Resume is all about your skills, forte and your work experiences which usually consist of one or two pages.

Whereas a curriculum vita is somewhat different, it is more of length and detailed summary is mentioned in it.
It encompasses different elements including education, academics, research work, work know-hows, honors and other details of such sort.A job seeker should always have his resume at his disposal.
Resume always speak about yourself, what potentials you possess, what experiences you have in the respective field, your excellence is abruptly snuffed from your resume.
So the more aptly you pen down your aptitudes, more chances you can avail yourself for a new job.Employers see the accuracy and smartness. In order to provide you a guideline about how a resume should look, today I am unleashing a free resume template for graphic designers.

You can alter it as per your requirements.Previously, i posted Simple Resume Examples, do check out and get some inspiration as well.

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