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Graphic design is the field involving professionals who are expert at crafting visual imagery, usually with a commercial or professional purpose. The prevalence of personal computers has had a large effect on the field of graphic design. People who work in this field often work alone, but sometimes they can be part of a big team. Graphic designers can be employed in numerous different contexts, so there are generally a wide variety of jobs available with a lot of different pay levels and specific tasks to perform.
Many colleges offer programs in graphic design, which deal with every aspect of the field and help in getting jobs in the industry. Another tip if you want to become a graphic designer: it's not good enough just to know Photoshop or Illustrator, you WILL have to draw!
I studied graphic design for about two semesters at college and the main piece of advice I'd offer to potential graphic designers is do not confuse it with art. A graphic designer creates visual concepts by use of computer software or by hand to communicate a variety of ideas that inform, captivate or inspire the consumers.
A graphic designer basically organizes a variety of materials into an informative and eye-catching package. A graphic designer can work in various fields including web design, advertising, logo design, product development and print design (newspapers or magazines) among others.

In order to be an effective graphic designer, it is important for you to learn the basics through a schooling system and in the process build your portfolio.
Remember that you can download your licenses whenever you want in the Downloads section of your profile. Many computer programs allow designers to manipulate images much more easily than traditional methods, so photographs can be altered simply, and art can be created from scratch using new techniques.
For example, one designer may be responsible for altering an image, while another is responsible for crafting the typeface that will be used. Any time a company needs some kind of visual layout, there is a good chance that a professional graphic designer is responsible for creating it. A graphic designer will need to learn how images affect a person’s emotions and behaviors, and they also need to have a good grasp of all the techniques and technology that is used in the industry to create those images.
A lot of schools require you to present a portfolio before you're accepted into the program, also. Working with clients can be frustrating, but if you enjoy working by yourself and being creative, this might be a career worth pursuing. It's a highly creative profession, that's for certain, but you are by no means allowed to just run free and make whatever you think looks good. As a result, they heavily impact on our lives as their work is largely found in all the fields that we encounter in our daily lives.
Computers have also been instrumental in the popularity and use of the Internet, which has created a huge market for graphics design professionals who work on the creation of web content.

In more collaborative efforts, there will typically be one designer who is overseeing the basic concept behind everything, and he will be responsible for getting the most creative effort out of each of his staff members. People who do this type of work can work in everything from publishing to advertising to politics. Some graphic design professionals also study other subjects like advertising or psychology to get a greater understanding of human behavior and communication techniques.
Don't people start out by letting their imagination run free and then applying that to paper? Graphic design schools try to beat this into you from day one by forcing you to explain why your design is effective; in the example of a logo design, you have to have reasons for your choice of font, color scheme and any other graphic elements you might choose to include. Sometimes, a graphic design professional may work for a big company, but he also can work alone as an independent contractor. It also has to fit the guidelines of the project and be consistent with what the logo is going to represent. Graphic design informs much of the symbols that surround us in the modern world and in order to be successful as a graphic designer you need to become conscious of those symbols.

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