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Its easy to get lost in all the code and css perfectionism, so the first rule is easy to forget, thanks for providing that as a refresher as well as the other helpful sections. Branding, packaging, motion graphics, grid systems, letterpress, Saul Bass, Barack Obama, Coca-Cola, and (yes) even Comic Sans.
GDR provides a well-rounded mix of history, work, and references (even with a section dedicated to blogs), which should be indispensable for new designers and a useful reference for any seasoned expert. Perhaps a better way to explain the book is with our elevator pitch: If you find yourself in the sole company of graphic designers, this book will likely address every professional subject that might arise, giving you enough information to laugh at an inside joke or nod in knowing agreement at a thoughtful reference. The sheer size of GDR may seem overwhelming at first (expect a lot of content, and very little whitespace), but some consideration is added to make reading it feel less linear and more like an interactive experience.
Name the two creative leads behind the graphic system of the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles. The Design Museum in London, established in 1989, had a previous incarnation within the Victoria & Albert Museum, what was its name? If you love grunge, then here is a typographic wallpaper with a grungy background and type.
If you think designing or being a designer is fun, there here is the perfect wallpaper for you. But you think you suck at graphic design, then here’s a reminder for you to keep trying and excel in this field.
This image is a vector illustration and can be scaled to any size without loss of resolution.

Free vector graphics pack with leisure, urban lifestyle, entertainment, music and nightlife, vintage technology, modern times design elements in vector art format: trumpet, car wheel, music speakers, ipod mp3 player, spray can, phone, record player, TV, headphones, basket trainers and abstract shapes.
Join our weekly newsletter and be the first to know about upcoming contests, freebies & exclusive discounts! Just make sure your a good designer than attack the project using the methods that work best for you. It seeks to integrate the editorial and design functions, which too seldom communicate effectively. Graphic Design, Referenced is an ambitious new book exploring nearly everything relating to graphic design. People who require no introduction for the majority of us that have been reading their blogs like Brand New and (the recently departed) Speak Up for years.
The book features hyperlink-like reference notes scattered throughout, allowing the reader to jump around the book and find related content as they please. For more on Under Consideration, check out their website and their recent interview from Read Between the Leading. We like to talk about graphic design, branding, typography, and sometimes we might post a video or two. As graphic designers, we are required to understand types, how to properly use them to come up with beautiful, harmonious and great-looking designs. This is very inspiring, these is the greatest collection of graphic design wallpapers i ever saw.

You need to be quite skilled with interface design and implementation to create something that sticks and gets popular.
A nice touch not unlike browsing around Wikipedia—but with prettier pictures of course. Grab our RSS feed and follow us on Twitter where we post the extra bits that don't make it here. In fact there are a number of designers who can make stunning designs by using types alone. As a tribute to typography and designers, we gathered together a total of 35 inspiring typographic wallpapers about graphic design.
Aside from excellent visuals, these designs also carry very witty slogans that will surely make you smile. All of these wallpapers are also in high quality resolution and most of them are suited for widescreen monitors.

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