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If you’ve ever fallen in love at first sight with a cuddly little fur-ball puppy or kitten, you have probably thought about growing up to have some kind of job where you could work with animals. Careers Working with Performing or Entertainment AnimalsZookeepers: Careers in Wildlife Management can start with degrees in Wildlife Management or with on-the-job training starting from the ground (keepers) up. Careers with Service AnimalsOur final category lists occupations that involve working with animals who provide a valuable service to their human companions. I uploaded this post in order to provide the best for the visitors, we as administrators try Great Careers For Artistic Personalities JobStars Picture make what you are looking for, every day we will update with new posts, if you are not happy with this site I am as a human being trying to continue to do the best for you.
Choosing a career is one of the hardest and most important things you will decide on throughout your lifetime. Every little kid that ever cozied up to a purring feline or tossed a ball with their canine companion probably thought it would be great to become a vet someday.
Vets, groomers, technicians, animal science majors with specialties in bird and reptile science, all have opportunities to work in zoos and wildlife preserves.
These are animals who help handicapped people live independent lives, animals that protect our nation from terrorists, animals who rescue lost children or assist law enforcement. Unfortunately I see I would need some type of degree and I have nothing more than love and seemingly a growing interest in animals or wildlife.
If you want to use this image click the download image link below to go to the download page. Choosing a profession for the wrong reason may later lead to regrets and transitions, which cost both time and money.
People who are comfortable working with advanced mathematical problems and has tons of innovative ideas to share can pick an engineering career.
Aspiring surgeons and periodontist Austin will have to allot a substantial amount of time, persistence, and money to complete the required education. With the modern era relying greatly on different technological designs to run operations in an efficient and accurate manner, it makes sense to pursue a technology-related profession.

Receptionists, secretaries, and other office-based work require a person to be flexible and can adapt almost in an instant to changing working environments.
CPAs, financial analysts, and stock brokers study market changes and factors affecting the economy.
Aviculturists and ornitholigists work with birds, herpetologists work with reptiles and amphibians.Circus Animal and other Show Performers: (Including Lion Tamers, Alligator Wrestlers, Equestrian Acts, Rodeo Riders and Dog and Horse Show Companions) How many kids ever said they wanted to run away and join the circus? Like, lets say a baby wolf pup is abounded by its mother, I would take it home and raise it until it can go back to the wild. Right click the image and select "Save Image As" to download the Great Careers For Artistic Personalities JobStars Picture to your computer or select "Set Desktop Background As" if your browser has that capability. Different fields of engineering exist including software engineering and petroleum engineering. Professions in this field require precision, patience, and a strong stomach as many responsibilities expose you to sensitive healthcare problems.
You must also have solid interpersonal communication skills to converse with clients in a professional manner. They advise companies and businesses on different cash flow aspects, such as where best to invest capital and strategies for business growth. Some careers with animals can command respectable annual salaries, and others merely earn minimum wage. Well, plenty of people actually do it, learning how to ride elephants, perform with dancing horses, do juggling acts with monkeys, show lions how to jump through flaming hoops, and even put on acts with performing poodles or trained bears. Registered nurses, CNAs, LPNs, and home health aides are only a few of the healthcare professions you can pursue.
Handling paperwork and running errands are also a few of the duties encountered by administration positions.
Finance majors require understanding of how money circulates and how one can grow it in the fastest way possible without incurring too much risk.

Time required for completion of the course and method you wish to finish it, be it a traditional brick-and-mortar school or an online course, should also be contemplated on. Some animal careers involve caring for animals, while others involve utilizing the capabilities of animals for the benefit of humans in one way or another.
Also, prepare your mind and eyes for countless hours of staring in front of a computer screen.
Earnings are based on winning races and a percentage of the purse, with average riders earning $20,000 and successful jockeys making a million dollars in one year.
Of course, a profession with a decent starting salary and strong job market also makes for a great choice.
Researchers study how animals exist in the wild, they learn about their physical makeup and how they survive, and others are committed to protecting both domesticated and wild animals from abuse. Graduate school for veterinary science provides training for specialties including animal surgery, laboratory animal medicine, animal pathology, exotic animal medicine or aquatic animal medicine. Although some animals that provide food do so on a continuing basis, like dairy cows and egg-laying chickens.
Learning to be an animal trainer is usually an apprentice-type education, and one with potentially outstanding financial rewards. For instance, a reputable horse trainer of show horses or race horses can command $500-$1000 (or higher) per month per horse, and most horse trainers will have several horses in training at once. There are trade schools that teach pet grooming, large retail pet supply chain stores have their own grooming academies, and private pet groomers provide apprenticeship programs for grooming assistants.

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