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Guardian Angels Guardian angels are assigned not only to every living human soul but to all the inhabitants of earth. Handmade retablos and bultos were such an integral part of the lives of Spanish New Mexicans until they were replaced by plaster saints and European lithographs transported by way of the Santa Fe Trail or in greater quantities by rail. Retablos by Jose Benito Ortega are much less common and decidedly more primitive than his three-dimensional carvings. A very early New Mexican bulto of Our Lady of Guadalupe by Fray Andres Garcia dating from the last quarter of the 18th century.
Jose de Gracia Gonzales began working in New Mexico about 1860 and moved out of state by 1900. One of George Lopez most complex carvings, his Tree of Life includes the Garden and the Devil as well as Adam and Eve. True Guardian Angel StoriesMy daughter died from cancer in 2008, Our lord Jesus has been helping me get through my grief and pain. True Guardian Angel Stories submitted by JaniceMy guardian angel instantly gave me a solid confirmation of my curiosity. True Guardian Angel Story submitted by RonaldAngel Encounter Story~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I sold firewood for a living in Soldotna, Alaska,a small town on the Kenia Penninsula in the 80's. Comforted in times of need - True Guardian Angel StoriesI had been in an on and off relationship with someone for 4 or so years, we had really got close in late 2008 again, and this time thought we were really meant for each other.
True Guardian Angel StoriesIn my dream I saw a beautiful angel fairie with the most beautiful colors I have ever seen in my life.
True Guardian Angel Stories submitted by RammanHi, I'm ramman, and I was fourteen at this time of my encounter. True Guardian Angel StoryI am not sure if I have a Guardian Angel however I still feel like I should share this experience. True Guardian Angel Story submitted by KristianneThis angel story is about my wife's youngest sister.
True Guardian Angel Stories submitted by DeborahCould it be Forcas ?Some days are so full of surprises, sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes very humbling.Today I was fortunate to visit John's Pass, for a nice relaxing afternoon.
True Guardian Angel StoriesAngel Story submitted by Rhonda Jackson~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~In life I believed that coincidence is part of life but now I truly know there are no coincidences. True Guardian Angel StoryWhile on my knees praying one morning, it was the first of August 2009.
True Guardian Angel StoriesAfter awhile I wanted to wet my body, but just a little bit without going to far, since I knew I was not able to swim!
True Guardian Angel StoryWhen I was a young boy around the age of 9 I believe, I was nearly hit by a speeding car coming down my hill. True Guardian Angel StoriesMy father took me and my older brothers ( 10 and 11) to the Rio Guaiba River in Porto Alegre, Brazil for a day of fun and fishing when I was eight years old.
We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. I have shopped around for medals and have found NOTHING that compares to the quality medals found at the Sisters of Carmel website.
Joseph by the Arroyo Hondo Santero, painted in the 1830s in red and black on a white ground. The use of gesso dipped cloth for part of the clothing is effective and the paint colors are remarkably fresh. One night I was so sad just hurt over my loss, I went to sleep I had a dream it was snowing and raining, the wind was blowing and it was night, In this dream, I took a blue blanket and laid in the middle of the street and went to sleep with the drops of snow as well as rain falling on me when I woke up the police was all around me they were collecting my dna, So in this dream I walked home my daughter was waiting on me , I opened the door I said Shanile she said momie, I said Shanile you would not believe what I did last night , she said momie what did you do? I was standing with a friend at a bus station in London (UK) and having a normal discussion. She was only 1 year old when their maid left her for a while on the bed to get something from the kitchen. In my quiet time, the Lord spoke into my spirit and said "I will send you a messenger" I responded but Lord You are talking with me now. It was a beautiful, hot sunny day and we asked my dad if we could walk up to the river a little bit on our own while he set up camp for us.At first, he said no but reluctantly finally agreed after all three of us kept begging him to let us go. At 2am that morning, I went to bed and stood at my bedroom window, in tears asking for the Angels to help me, and to send me a sign that they were there and listening to me.
I took the opportunity to visit the Church of St Michael, which is a famous spot for tourist.
Everyone, even the most negative people you can think of, Charles Manson, Saddam Hussain, Adolf Hitler, all have (or had) guardian angels throughout their lives. Applegate, Celso Gallegos, Patrocinio Barela and the Lopezes of Cordova, and others, are a focus of our search for interesting pieces. I drove down a steep hill to get to my customer who was not there to accept the load or make payment. There was a lot of people there, but out of all of them I was the only one who saw these angels of light. I didn't make much of it until he came back a few minutes later and asked me, 'why was that man next to you looking at me?
My mother is a so called white which or spiritualist which in my life she has tried to convince me of guardians in the wrong way and she'd tell me that my angel said I would be murdered at 38yrs old. He responded, "I will send you a messenger, just as I sent a messenger to Abraham to deliver the massage of promise I will sent you a messenger. It is during one of those nights that spirit put me to deep sleep where i didn't have dreams. If you are looking for the perfect devotional item or rosary, look no more; you have found the place!
However, when humans incarnate on earth, we come down here with no memories of what we are and where we came from.
At first I was quite taken aback as i'd never experienced anything like this before, I didn't even get out of bed to look out of my window, but I was comforted to know that they WERE there and they WERE listening.
I lit a candle at his feet and prayed for blessings and deliverance as I was battling a fraudulent lawsuit.I returned and it was just any other morning when I did my Rosary prayers.
I was reading the first article and it really excites me to write my own angel story because right now while I'm doing this.
I'm 32yrs old now and have had no contact with my mother since I was 11yrs old after I told her my father had been touching me for 8yrs (verified by doctor) she did not take it well and threw me out due to this problem. Just as I sent the Angel Gabriel to Mary to deliver the message of deliverance I will sent you a messenger." A little over a month past, I was setting at my desk at work when God drop into my spirit to go to Cave City, I replied Cave City what. In hindsight, I wonder if he somehow sensed the danger that lay ahead of us.We began to walk near the water leaving my father to work with the camp arrangements until we came to a bush that was half in land and half in the water. There were a few men standing further down the bus station but no one was standing next to us. Our guardian angels can give us guidance and love but it is our free choice whether we listen to it or not.

I didnt make much of that either until later i thought about it and thought that maybe He was my Guardian Angel. I seem to be able to predict many odd things but they are images put in my thoughts by another source. I started to carreer back down the hill with a deep ravine off to the right with a full cord of wood in the back on glare ice.(It had rained and frozen the day before) Right when I gave up and gave my ass to God and,scrunched my eyes closed the truck stopped on an uphill grade! Then in my front, I see two female angels of light; looking at me with gentle eyes and looking in an angle.
As I was trying to "fight off" this attack, I had a distinct flash in my head.I saw a person with wings in gold, as in gold metal, floating and looking down at my afflictor. I know this because the words do not relate to me and a language I have never heard of in my life. My oldest brother Carlon raced to help Marco but he couldn?t hang on and ended up in the water as well.Neither I nor my two brothers knew how to swim. For the sake of your own soul!" I consulted a friend who is clairvoyant and she confirmed without a bat on an eyelid, "Yes, it's him!
I am a very rational and have lived as a person of science not religion but it keeps on my back every day and my heart hurts from sadness and I cry. But instead of running to get my father after my seeing my two brothers plunge into the waters, I jumped in to try to save my brothers without even thinking of my own safety.I struggled frantically in the water looking for my two brothers. I know it's him!" I started to cry then.My friend added, "St Michael will destroy her if she remains unrepentant.
I learn that October 9 and 10 is the Jewish Holiday Shemini Atzeret, (concluding day of Sukkut from Friday evening to Saturday evening. He still gave the afflictor a chance to repent!" Just a little bit of background, the afflictor is suspected to be dabbling in occult and dark arts.At the court mediation, I heard the plaintiff's relatives shouting, "You already lost the case! Rabbinie literature explaines the holiday this way: Our Creator is like a host, who invites us as victors for a limited time, but when the time comes for us to leave, He has enjoyed himself so much that He asks us to stay another day. Besides all that i see things that i only saw as a child and tucked it away as an imagination than a real vision.Its just come back very strong than subtle. When I went to mark my calendar two week after booking my hotel reservation and as I started to wright on my calendar God spoke into my spirit and said, "A date with God" I said WOW God! Your angel is not a fairy godmother or a "cosmic vending machine." They can, however, help us in many ways that are often overlooked as coincidences. I just want to live without spirits hanging around, and a voice and physical being talking to me a lot. My skin breaks out in goose bumps in a heated room, a breeze in a windless room, Someone is touching and talking to me that i swear to you. That Sunday before my trip, which was the first Sunday of October while receiving communion I was told to take a communion for my date. I don?t know what these things were but I can tell you they were very painful.The current of the river was moving very fast from west to east towards the ocean.
I can?t recall how much time went by but I reached a point when I just couldn?t move anymore. The water was brown so I couldn?t see anything but I didn?t need to see to know that I was dying.I tried to scream, ?PLEASE GOD HELP ME!? One thing I did investigate is that spirits or paranormal beings need an energy source to reveal themselves, well Geelong Australia Is one big battery. They can also send information in dreams and as compressed energy that unfolds over time—you’ll have a knowing but won’t be able to verbalize it or explain it for a while as the pieces of the puzzle come together. My life started to fade but then I heard the most pleasing voice telling me to just relax and that everything was going to be okay. If you are able to feel subtle energies you may feel this as warmth or tingling pulses of energy moving through your body.
I then felt arms embracing me.Although I still could not see, I knew it was the embrace of a male. PRAYThe pendulum started going in circles after that and I knew the conversation had ended. Notice patterns like repeatedly hearing a song, seeing a bumper sticker or having a friend unknowingly repeat the very same message your angel gave you. Wasn't to sure what to expect.The Mammoth Cave was about ten miles from the hotel where I was staying. I could see right through it but I could still feel myself.We then began going towards this beautiful light.
Especially when you sense a warning that you are making a mistake or a prickly feeling of danger.
What does tchau mean??It?s difficult to explain but I felt connected to everything and everything was connected to me. I had my camera in my tap recorder both in my pock ready for what ever was going to happen. Then I felt like I was not alone anymore and began to see the shape of a man coming towards me. When he got close enough, I felt the most beautiful feeling of love and belonging that I have ever felt.
Your angel will guide, heal and protect you but you must be responsible for your own actions. There are just no words that my human mind can come up with to accurately describe this feeling.Imagine that you are in an airplane and then it blows up.
Cora said to me, "I have two massages for you, I am your messenger." When she said those word it was if God himself was there speaking to me. Well, this was kind of the feeling I experienced when I realized that I wasn't really dead. But then again, I wondered where I was and why this place felt more real and more at home to me than earth did.The male angel appeared again coming closer to me and speaking telepathically. He told me he was there to help me and answer my questions and boy did I have a lot of questions. She said what God is requiring of you in this season will require all of you, spirit, soul, mind, and body.
Cora pointed her finger up toward heaven and said just as you have special access in the government, God say's you have specal access in the heaven." Well I had just gotten that specal access in the government two weeks prior to the trip. I could feel the pain that I caused because of my actions.Then I remember thinking, Oh, no! Try to increase your awareness of angels by heightening your all your senses and meditating regularly only a few minutes at a time. When you need me you are to come." I started to cry again as hard as I did the first time she said she was my messenger. Instead of being comforted by his words, I was a bit unnerved by the realization that he could read my thoughts.

All this was going on as the movie continued to play showing second by second of my entire life. And, again, I could feel what I caused as a result of my actions.Everything that I ever did seemed to have a life of its own. This was all a very unpleasant feeling.In addition to the not so pleasant times, I was shown the good times as well.
I was shown the things I did out of love; like the time I had taken this homeless boy home with me.
I just walked out the door, thank this is wild, thinking you brought me to the cave all so that I could have an encounter with Cora. Little did I know that I would enter the presence of a real angel.I arrived at Mammon Cave, at about thirty minutes later I was entering the cave. My angel was very happy about this and told me that these are the things that really matter, the things we do out of love for another person.The "movie" continued as I now saw myself as a baby in my mother's womb, then just as a molecule of life .
Patience will help you build faith in your Angels, trusting that at the right time they will come through. Faith endears you to your unseen supporters, as well as creating the space for miracles, which is where they gather and thrive.
They don?t understand that God gave them this child for a reason; they were chosen by that child. Miracles can be tiny happenings in your daily life that make you feel good or that make you laugh or even cry from happiness. She said, "No, I am just a messenger." I said to her Cora in the bible days when God sent a messenger they appared in human form, don't play with me you are my angel.
Then suddenly I started to miss my mother, the sun, the rain, playing soccer and everything that made me happy.
For about three hour in the cave all I could do was try to see If I would see an eye or something looking out of the opening in the walls at us. I started to think of my mother and I could feel the pain when she would find out that all three of her sons crossed over.
After I got back home every time I would start to tell anyone about my experience, I would see this image of an angel in my head. I sensed my mission was not complete and wanted to go back.My near-death experience helped me to understand just how beautiful and fragile the earth really is.
Have you ever been driving somewhere and all of a sudden had an urge to make a turn you didn't plan on and then later found out there was a bad traffic jam you avoided by listening to that urge and turning off the road? Well two weeks before Christmas I said to God Lord I need you to connect me to someone who can take this image out of my head and put it on paper.
I could see a light around everything that was alive: trees, flowers, grass, animals, volcanoes and humans.
I was asking for visitation, wild at her house her husband was talking to another member who were there with me.
I don?t know why but the angel told me not to tell anyone and that in time it will reveal itself.
If someone, say your boss or a coworker, is making life more difficult than you think is fair, ask their guardian angel to have them be nicer to you or leave you alone altogether. His wilf said to him what are you doing you have not done any thing with that since we move to Nashville, and you have totally abandoned the gift that God has given you. If you are having problems with a loved one, plead your case to their guardian angel and ask for their help to bring peace into the situation. It was at that moment that I looked at what they were doing and I cried out OH my god you are the one. Others' guardian angels are willing to help as long as our requests are positive and won't hurt the one they are to protect.
Being human is a beautiful gift!I felt somewhat drunk as I reached the surface of the water and could see the breathtaking blue sky above. He drew the first one, and he said the spirit told him to draw me a second one but to place gold into the wings.
I wanted to look up who Raphael was and I found that he is one of the fifteen great archangel whose name means "the shining one who heals." I took my picture and had them both frame. I looked to my right and there they were safe and sound, right next to me walking out of the water.
This was January 1, 2010, on January 2, 2010, I had a house blessing to do, well after taken the picture of the house blessing so I could sent them to the church is when I saw that I had capture the picture of the real thing. I have tears in my eyes now just thinking about it.People were running towards us, some were crying, some were smiling and hugging each other. After a few minutes, the other officers arrived and remarked in astonishment, ?This can?t be them.
They couldn't have survived 22 minutes in the water and lived to talk about it!?The medical personnel that were at the scene agreed and they all went back down river looking for other kids. My mouth was moving but no sound was coming out.I then looked up at the sky and said, ?Please give me my voice back, I won't tell anyone! I don't know which is better being back here or having the knowledge that we never die.My experience changed my life. People don?t know who God really is and don?t always understand the importance of love.Since that fateful day at the river, I have asked my brothers what they remember about the experience.
See it slowly coming closer and closer becoming aware that the light is getting larger as it comes closer to you. He said he also saw a movie.We never really discussed the incident in depth, probably because we were all afraid that something would happen to us if we did. As the years went by and I got older, though, I began to have the urge to tell the world that both God and heaven are real.
I pray that one day the human race, the sons and daughters of God, will live on earth with that same love and peace I felt on that day.
There may be more than one as your other angels, guides, relatives and pets may want to connect with you. Its not uncommon for Angels to talk to you in your own voice, so don’t discount your inner voice as your imagination.
Absorb any communication such as thoughts, visions, knowingness and feelings, love and emotions. Don’t doubt the information or emotions you are given, just let your angel communicate to you in their own way.

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