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Download HOW's Best of Interactive Design Awards to see the best of all past winners from HOW's renowned Interactive Design Awards competition. Although controversial, varying contrast allows designers to further guide the viewer’s eye.
Web fonts can include multiple font weights, allowing designers to mix them together for typographic contrast.
Learn to reconnect with real-world dimensional media through both planned and improvised creative projects. Download Reference Posters for Google Web Fonts Tech Guides About Us Work 28 Aug 2012 Quick Reference Posters for Google Web Fonts The reference posters include all typefaces available in the Google Web Fonts catalog arranged by their generic font families (serif, sans-serif or script). But what are the major web type trends you should be aware of when working in web design? Look for these 10 trends in web typography to take us through 2012 and beyond.

The web type on this portfolio site for a designer in Canada tells you a lot about his personality and style.
AdWeek uses different colored headlines for various sections of its website, and doesn’t shy away from big type, drawing on web trend No. Google Webfonts has more than a hundred available for free to use on your own web projects.
Many web designers are embracing the infinite page with creative designs that tell stories as you scroll, like Jessica Hische’s wedding website.
You can also download Google Fonts on your computer and use them with Microsoft Office, Photoshop and other desktop software. The font names are rendered using the font itself and they are further categorized by their generic font family (serif, sans-serif or handwriting sript).

You can click the images above for higher-resolution posters or click here to download everything in one go.
If you would like to create custom posters with your favorite Google fonts, here’s what you should do. Also see: How to Reduce the Google Fonts Size Tweet Comments are closed but if you want to respond, please send me an email or tweet. He loves building web apps and has also written for the Wall Street Journal & Lifehacker.

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