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The One Direction singer already has a large collection of tattoos scattered all over his arms and chest. The pop singer got his first ink in 2012 by Freddy Negrete, a Los Angeles based tattoo artist who made the tattoo designs in the movies “Blade” and “Bound By Honor”.

Harry Styles peeks out of his side window while driving out and about on Thursday (August 22) in North London, England.
Hope this Butterfly tattoo harry styles 759 images can give you ideas and inspiration to get your perfect Styles.
It is said that he wants to cover his back as he feels that he has too many tattoo’s on the front side of his body. Style’s first tattoo was a five point star, representing each band member of One Direction.
Since then Harry’s body collection has grown, with designs including a large butter fly tattoo on his chest and the famed ship which he got with former girlfriend Taylor Swift.

The Harry Styles butterfly tattoo on his chest is something he’s going to want to get laser removed yesterday.

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