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Henna or the black Mehndi ink as it is often referred to, is a medium that is often used to create attractive tattoo designs, fingernail art and body art. The henna tattoo designs presented above are sure to give you an excellent makeover for any special occasion. Henna in the East have a mystical significance for females to tender skin and have attraction with beautiful henna(Mehndi) Designs to celebrate special occasion such as Eid, Diwali, Weddings… Decorating hands, legs, neck or other parts of body will give a velvety skin appearance. Henna tattoos last for few weeks and almost 1-2 months and gradually fades away, but it should be applied with care because many people get allergic reaction to their gentle skin- natural henna dyes are safe, Black henna can remain permanently on the body and mostly used to decorate feet and hands, Red for Toes, Head, hands and nails or any other parts of the body for splendid patterns. Henna tattoo is best for those people, who want to experiment different tattoos time by time and get bored with one tattoo permanently, henna tattoo image will look attractive and get vanished after few weeks for you to style an attractive new tattoo on skin.
It is also acknowledged as henna which is used on hands, feet, arms, neck and other body parts.Preference exactly by what method to make beautiful your hands and fingers with mehndi designs for hands step by step. Henna parties are the new and different way to celebrate and are the rage in cities like New York and San Francisco.

A thin paste made of grounded fresh henna leaves or henna powder is made to create some of the finest temporary tattoo designs. The Henna Art has crossed the traditional boundaries to be used in various colors with recipes and techniques remained mostly unchanged, Henna tattoo has shaped to be more popular in the social world and is spreading all over world as body painting art. In this post we have selected a showcase of most beautiful henna tattoo design ideas for you to get inspiration and try one out of these for your skin. Ita€™s a helpful recommendation for young and passionate girls, who want to take interest in creation of mehndi design. All things and images found on this website are gathered from the network, and believes that "public domain". Call us to customize a henna party for your bridal shower, gal's get together, or any occasion. Henna tattoos are widely popular in various Asian and African countries where it is an important part of the local culture.

Henna tattoos look so attractive as you can see from the list below and are safe, painless as no piercing is required for it, it is so easy to make henna at home and try various designs on body DIY. All fashion conscious, pioneering and intense woman esteems to make creative styles so we give you some tips to mehndi designs for hands step by step. Mehndi designs done in India are an example of henna tattoos, and one can have them on hands, feet, shoulder, inner wrist and the lower back areas.
We hope you will be inspired from these tattoo selections to try on your body, Have fun with Henna!
The color of henna is comparatively much darker than traditional tattoo ink and so it looks great on the fair skin tones.

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