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Henna and Mehndi were popular in ancient India and ancient Egypt, still remaining popular today in the Indian subcontinent, Middle East, and North Africa. Tattooing has been a part of Filipino tribal life since pre-Hispanic colonisation of the Philippine Islands, When the Spanish first landed in the Philippine Islands, they were met by the tribal people of the Visayas, who had full body tattooing, the Spanish dubbed these Islands as "La Isla De Los Pintados" or "The Islands of the Painted Ones". Pre-Christian Germanic, Celtic and other central and northern European tribes were often heavily tattooed, according to surviving accounts. Tattooing for spiritual and decorative purposes in Japan is thought to extend back to at least the Jomon or paleolithic period (approximately 10,000 BC). An archaic practice in the Middle East involved people cutting themselves and rubbing in ash during a period of mourning after an individual had died. In Persian culture, tattooing, body painting, and body piercing has been around for thousands of years.
Oatman's story began when she was kidnapped aged 13 by a group of Yavapais Indians, along with her sister Mary Ann, 10. Although tattoos first made an appearance in the woad etchings of Iron Age Britons, they didn't reappear in Western culture until the 19th century and the first recorded body art craze which originated in Victorian high society. Some were exhibited in sideshows, other performed in traditional circus acts such as juggling and sword swallowing. 300 BC) was extracted from the permafrost of Altai in the second half of the 15th century (the Man of Pazyryk, during the 1940s; one female mummy and one male in Ukok plateau, during the 1990s). However, among the Han Chinese (the major ethnic group) Tattoo has been associated with barbarians, criminals, gangsters and bandits since at least Zhou Dynasty (1045 BC to 256 BC).

Some scholars have suggested that the distinctive cord-marked patterns observed on the faces and bodies of figures dated to that period represent tattoos, but this claim is by no means unanimous. Instead of being used for ritual or status purposes, tattooed marks began to be placed on criminals as a punishment. It was a sign of respect for the dead and a symbol of reverence and a sense of the profound loss for the newly departed; and it is surmised that the ash that was rubbed into the self-inflicted wounds came from the actual funeral pyres that were used to cremate bodies.
Apart from her brother Lorenzo who was clubbed and left for dead, the rest of her family were murdered by their attackers in what came to be known as the 'Oatman massacre'.The girls remained with their by Yavapais captors for a year, during which time they were treated as little more than slaves and endured repeated beatings. According to Bodies of Subversion, several women claimed to have been abducted and forcibly tattooed before being made to pose for paying punters visiting the period's popular travelling freak shows.Other tattoo tales chronicled in the book include the story of Maud Wagner, the first known woman tattooist, who in 1904 traded a date with her tattooist husband-to-be for an apprenticeship and the story of the first British female tattooist - one Justine Knight who opened her London business in 1921.
A–tzi the Iceman, dated to 3300 BC, has 57 different etchings including a cross and six straight lines. Today one can find Berbers of Tamazgha (North Africa), Maori of New Zealand, Arabic people in East-Turkey and Atayal of Taiwan with facial tattoos. Tattooing the chinese character "prisoner" (?) or other characters on a convict's or slave's face, was a practice until the last dynasty Qing Dynasty (1644 to 1912).
The most common of Borneo designs are thick black tribal work, which all have different meanings.
There are similarities, however, between such markings and the tattoo traditions observed in other contemporaneous cultures. Such designs were thought to have spiritual significance as well as functioning as a status symbol.

In essence, people were literally carrying with them a reminder of the recently deceased in the form of tattoos created by ash being rubbed into shallow wounds cut or slashed into the body, usually the forearms. The most famous literal document about Persian tattoo goes back to about 800 years ago when Rumi, the famous Persian poet, narrates a story about a man who proudly asks to get a lion tattoo but he changes his mind once he experiences the pain coming out of the tattoo needle.. Tattooing was widespread among Polynesian peoples and among certain tribal groups in the Taiwan, Philippines, Borneo, Mentawai Islands, Africa, North America, South America, Mesoamerica, Europe, Japan, Cambodia, New Zealand and Micronesia. Still relatively unknown (the only current publications in Western languages are those of J P.
The Man of Pazyryk, a Scythian chieftain, is tattooed with an extensive and detailed range of fish, monsters and a series of dots that lined up along the spinal column (lumbar region) and around the right ankle.
Nature is the main focus when designing a Borneo Traditional Tattooing such as leaves, animals, fruits, trees and branches.
Despite some taboos surrounding tattooing, the art continues to be popular in many parts of the world. Mair, The Tarim Mummies, London, 2000), some of them could date from the end of the 2nd millennium BC.
Among the royal ink fans were Denmark's King Frederick IX, the King of Romania, Kaiser Wilhelm II, King Alexander of Yugoslavia and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia.

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