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Last week you could enjoy Great Tutorials on How to Create Flash Sites and today we’d like to continue with Flash ?tutorials. It has been reported that using the downloaded Windows 8 upgrade ISO does not always give you an UEFI bootable USB option in the boot menu.
If this happens to you, then use the ESD-TO-ISO.exe program created by our member Simon (SIW2) below to create an ISO that will work with UEFI.
A) If you have not already, you will need to download and install the latest alpha version of the free program 7-Zip.
NOTE: You can use any program that performs the same function to extract or mount an ISO, but I just find 7-Zip easier to use.
C) In the Extract dialog, click on the browse button, select the Removable Disk for your USB flash drive letter (ex: K) from step 6 above, and click on OK, and OK.

You do not need to do this step unless you are creating a 64-bit Windows 7 UEFI USB flash drive. B) If you have not already, download and install the latest alpha version of the free program 7-Zip, then run 7-Zip. You can use the free version of Poweriso to create efi compatible flash from the installation iso. Include jQuery library and the jQuery Flash Messages plugin's JS and CSS files in your web project. Basically, we’ll feature 10 video tutorials which explain what it takes to create a Flash website. Once don you’ll see a list of video tutorials which explain what it takes to create a Flash website.

Download the latest version of Rufus at the link below, and save it's .exe file to your desktop.
In the elevated command prompt, type the commands below one at a time and press Enter after each one.
When the Windows installation is finished, you can enable secure boot if you like.If you have fast boot or ultra-fast boot enabled in your UEFI firmware (if supported), then you may need to temporarily disable it until Windows has finished installing to be able to boot from a USB flash drive at boot. Feel free to watch the following video tutorials and learn how to build animated Flash sites.

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