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We’ve got a brief guide here to tell you just what you can get for your money.Do you ever see body art and immediately want some of your own? This is an investment and it’s going on your body forever so you want to make the right, informed decision so that you can fully enjoy your ink. Really talented artists can command top dollar for their work and people are more than willing to pay it in order to have masterpieces inked on their skin. You’ve got the currency conversion rate to factor in plus things in LA and NYC and big cities like that just cost a ton more than other places. If you don’t have a location preference, then get your work done when your in a place that charges less.
Typically the big cities draw the more experienced and talented artists and therefore can charge a lot more. For example, the ribs are hard to do because its a bumpy surface and pretty painful so it’s hard for the canvas to stay still. Obviously something that has just black in it is going to be significantly cheaper than something with multicolors. It take a lot of time and attention to detail to have a variation of colors.Most artists will set their own rate because they usually just rent the booth from the shop owner. That’s definitely something to consider if your planning to get extensive work done as it will take a long time and the cash will accumulate quickly. The more intrinsic the work, the harder it will be for the artist and the more they will be able to charge you.

In the event that you don’t like the tattoo, it might be a good idea to have an emergency fund if you want to get it removed.
Just be advised that this option is extremely painful.Also keep in mind that you may need some after work ointment. This helps the work heal nicely and prevents infection and unnecessary peeling although peeling is inevitable. Don’t slack off on taking care of your tattoo because it will prevent problems down the road.
Your skin will love you and your wallet will thank you!Most shops have a shop minimum which means that they have a price that is set even if you want a tattoo the size of a pin drop. A lot of tattoo artists will include life time touch ups for free but not all do, so be prepared in the years to come to get some color added or some lines touched up from natural human ware and tare. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS TIP!!!What are Other Good Things to KnowIt’s good to know ahead of time that the minimum piece size of a quarter will typically cost you the shop minimum fee. A lot of artists depend on referrals so if your friend has work that you like, ask them where they go.
That might seem steep, but believe us, it’s worth it to have a happy artist so that they do their best work. The better you tip, the likelihood of your price dropping on future tattoos is going to be. If an artist knows that you are a good tipper, then they aren’t going to try to charge you a higher per hour fee.Should I Ask for a Quote?Absolutely ask for a quote!

Is it spanning from shoulder to shoulder or is it on a discreet spot on your arm?-What’s your budget? This may seem like an elementary question, but it’s super important to take into consideration how much you can afford to spend on the art. Sometimes, once you’re in the tattoo parlor, you can get super excited and blow your budget. Goal setting can do wonders!-Work out a fair budget so that you can set aside money each paycheck for your tattoo fund.
Take a look at what your spending currently and see if there is any wiggle room to save here and there.
Your body is a canvas and the artist will create a beautiful piece of art on it, it’s just going to cost some extra dough. It’ll be worth it in the end so knowing all of this ahead of time can really help you make well informed decisions about who to work with and how much is fair to pay.

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