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If you are a professional painter, or you enjoy painting houses, buildings and fences and want to branch out careerwise, consider becoming a set painter for the film industry. Contact film commission offices in local communities or your state to see if you can be added to the list of set painters available for work. Carve a niche for yourself as the only set painter in a 100-mile radius who works for films, television and commercials. A point has come in your screenplay where the lead has crossed the threshold into insanity. Becoming a famous painter may not be as easy as becoming a lesser-known painter, but it is worth the effort if you work diligently and try to achieve your set goals.
If you think that you are good enough when it comes to hard work, and you have the passion and ambition, your chances to become famous are bright.
After you have created a portfolio of your work that includes more than a dozen paintings, you can visit art galleries and different exhibitions. If you want to become a face painter it is one of the surest ways to bring laughter and happy smiles to others.

All the gurus agree that if you get paid for doing something you love to do it will never seem like work.
There are plenty of people around the world who get regular paychecks taking on assignments as face painters. If this is something you would like to look into, it would be in your best interest to listen to someone who has made a career doing face painting.
By getting the information from someone with experience in the field you will be avoiding costly mistakes and be far ahead of anyone fumbling on their own.
Gets lots of questions answered and you will be well prepared to confidently start earning your first dollars from face painting. Since every artist wants to earn a reputation and desires people want to praise their work, believing in yourself is the key to making a progressing and becoming a painter admired by tens of thousands of people. Practice makes perfect, and if you think that you are already perfect and just need a push to reach the top of the world, you are mistaken. If you are obsessed about culture, try to work on it as your ideas will be transformed into your paintings.

You can get membership at art galleries and museums and get in touch with different professionals.
You need to keep practicing so you are in a position to distinguish your work from the others. One production designer will tell another production designer who will tell another production designer and, well, you do the math-that's a lot of references. Different artworks will help you spot a difference between an average work and an above-average work. Lots of artists present their work in different art galleries, exhibitions and museums — and if your work is not so different from theirs, you will fail to capture the people’s attention.

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