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Despite being in his early 20s, Australian illustrator and designer Nathan Nankervis has made a name for himself amongst the creative industry as one of the next big things.
As part of our campaign with AustralianSuper to help you kick start your career, Nathan runs us through his quick-fire tips to making it as a freelancer.
Nathan Nankervis is a Melbourne based designer and illustrator and you can find out more about him on his website here. If you’re just starting out in your career, a few right moves early on can help set you up for life.
This article has been sponsored by AustralianSuper Pty Ltd ABN 94 006 457 987, AFSL 233788. Creative visualization is key when it comes to overcoming failures and crushing your goals.
There are many books written on the subject of visualization, including one of the most famous best sellers of all time, Think & Grow Rich, which talks a lot about the power of thinking positively and visualizing your success.
In one study(link), Russian scientists examined the results of four groups of high level Olympic athletes.
Since that study took place, it has been widely accepted in neuroscience and sports psychology that mental training can cause the body to react more favorably to consciously desired results. Moreover, countless celebrities and successful people have admitted that they have used certain visualization techniques. Arnold Schwarzenegger talks a lot about the power of visualization in his book: Education of a Bodybuilder. Also, there is a large number of other successful figures that have taken advantage of the power of visualization including Anthony Robbins, Bill Gates and Ronnie Bernard. Will Smith has also talked about the power of visualization in a 2008 interview with Tavis Smiley. The trick is that if you think about some specific information continuously then this information sinks into your subconscious or creative mind. If you learn to feed your subconscious with the right food you will achieve more success than you have ever imagined.
If your subconscious is being given the same thoughts over and over again it will start believing on these thoughts.
In order to understand how to do this you have to know that the main language of your subconscious is pictures. Visualization is a fantastic tool that you could use to make drastical changes in your life. Your brain is divided into two parts: the logical side(left) and the creative-emotional side(right). These positive thoughts manifest into positive emotions which turn into physical sensations.
The majority of times, our brain uses only the left side in order to take logical decisions and survive. It has been proven that negative emotions weaken our immune system and stop us from living a  flourishing life. Napoleon Hill, author of Think & Grow Rich says that adding emotion is the most important part of the creative visualization progress. If you want to create some changes in your life then you have to know that most of these changes will be a result of your mindset.
The way you think and how hard you believe in your abilities will determine if you will make it or not. I’m glad to see people I respect calling out the hype surrounding 6-figure blogging, creating online courses and telesummits, and the nobility of being a digital nomad.
I’m so sick of the implication that because I have a day job (which I quite enjoy, thankyouverymuch), I’m somehow less of a creative entrepreneur. Your income can also be really variable, so you really need to learn how to budget and put money aside for the lean times. Since cutting back to 4 days a week at my day job a few months ago (partially inspired by my friend Nikki Carter’s own 32-hour work week switch), I feel much more balanced. My mom, who has run her own business since I was a kid, went through breast cancer treatment a few years ago with no health insurance. More than that, I’m lucky to work at an agency where my entrepreneurship is encouraged.
This idea of intrapreneurship is something that’s really important, because not everyone is meant to be a full-time entrepreneur, nor is everyone lucky enough to be one.
Working with one foot in each world, the realm of creative entrepreneurs and the agency side of digital marketing, gives me a unique perspective on both. Much like Regina pointed out the faulty accounting that many people use in their online income reports, I think there are a lot of people in the online entrepreneurial space that make it appear as if they make a full-time income from their creative endeavors. I was listening to an episode of Tara Gentile’s Profit Power Pursuit podcast the other day where guest Abby Glassenberg was talking about the importance of carving out a niche online.
Having a day job, whether part-time or full-time, does not make you a failure as a creative entrepreneur. Throughout her journey as a creative entrepreneur, Mallory has worn many hats, including blogger, visual artist, upcycled clothing creator, performance artist, jewelry designer, craft show vendor, creative strategist, speaker, teacher and consultant to other small business owners. By day, she specializes in SEO, content marketing and social media strategy as Content Analyst at FSC Interactive, a leading digital marketing agency in New Orleans.

I’ve been selling my handmade goods, along with work by other artists, at all sorts of craft shows, festivals and art markets since 2004. In this e-book, I’ll cover the basics of getting started selling at craft fairs, as well as how to design a great looking booth, how to give outstanding customer service and sell more, and even how to find and create additional events at which to sell your handmade work.
In a lot of ways the dream of being a big-time 6 or 7 figure entrepreneur is so much like wanting to be a pop star or pro athlete. I’ve been spreading the word about independent artists, entrepreneurs and #BadassCreatives since 2006.
Sign up below to get the latest from Creative Bloq, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! Creative Bloq is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Having bagged accolades for his work from across the world and worked with some of the biggest clients in the country, Nathan knows first hand that being a freelance creative is no walk in the park.
The views and opinions expressed in any article accessed through Crave are those of the author or Crave and not the responsibility of AustralianSuper. Studying some of the most prominent business people of all time like Andrew Carnegie and Thomas Edison. This is a huge indicator that shows particular sorts of mental training, like conscious visualization and positive thinking can have significant impacts on physical performance. Arnold tell us that he tried to visualize lifting weights before he actually lifted them physically.
When this happens, your subconscious will work its ass of to bring these thoughts in existence.
Your subconscious might be able to use words but it’s more easily affected from visual stimuli. Don’t expect to visualize your success 4 days per week for a month and then expect to become rich.
By giving a boost to the right side of your brain you create that mind-body bonding and you create positive emotions instead of negative. According to Napoleon, only if you add an emotional feeling you can have access to your subconscious mind.
Use the (Visit My Website) link below to download my FREE E-Book - it’s the most effective program for developing discipline and tiger-like focus. I’ve been sucked into the hype at times too, but once it gets into your head, it can easily send you into a downward spiral of imposter syndrome and “I’m too late, it’s all already been done” shame. That because I’ve opted for a dose of stability I don’t know what it means to be entrepreneurial.
The 7th grader was working on a career project, and she chose Craft Artist as her career of choice. But entrepreneurial thinking is something that should be more widely encouraged, in all parts of life. The world needs more people who are chef-like, rather than cook-like. Much of what I covered was meant to be a thought-starter rather than a definitive statement. I see things happening in the mainstream land of SEO and social media that many creatives may not be aware of yet.
One of the easiest ways to turn your blogging side-gig into more money is to use it to acquire the skills to land a better-paying day job. I know lots of entrepreneurs who have some sort of side-gig that provides them with a regular paycheck, whether it’s teaching a class at a local college or university or regular freelance work from an agency. This episode was really refreshing to me because Abby has also been blogging for more than a decade and, like me, she’s combined a lot of different topics under the same umbrella. I’ve recently been trying to take a bit of a break, and show myself some grace in the process. I totally agree it is easy to sucked into that world, especially when you see such wildly successful people and know you can put in as much hard work as they do, but for those people it really is partly timing and luck. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. If you use these ideas you will have achieved the initial thought that you have fed your subconscious with. With visualization you can increase the use of the right-creative side and boost your cognitive abilities. Part of the assignment was to “interview” someone in that field, which is how they found me, via my post How to make a living as an artist or crafter. Some artists are able to support themselves full-time, but that is the exception not the rule. That said, having a day job, even a part-time one, affords me certain luxuries that freelancers and full-time entrepreneurs do not always have.
But I also see solopreneurs who are able to swiftly test new ideas that a more traditional agency and their clients may hesitate to try out. It makes me more relaxed about it when those who are really successful give a shoutout to the luck they’ve had along the way. They were talking about how Blondie was the first rock band fronted by a female singer to really make it big and RuPaul asked why they thought that was. They asked me to share how I got started and some of the pros and cons of a creative career.

But splitting your time between half day-job and half crafty job isn’t bad either – I like having the balance of part of my time for my own projects and part of my time at a steady structured job. More than a decade of blogging and running my own business taught me skills that are highly desirable. Abby pointed out how being yourself, with all of your varied interests and personality quirks, and fully expressing that is the best way to carve out a niche that is truly unique. And, I think luck comes at different times as well as long as you keep at it- but I’m easily impatient!
But to attain that level of success usually takes YEARS of training and hard work plus a good dose of luck. I actually just cut back a few months ago to 32 hours a week at FSC Interactive in order to have more time to myself to work on my own projects. And thanks to our idiotic ex-governor Bobby Jindal, it’s ridiculously unaffordable for him to get health insurance on his own. The book shared ideas on how to find Producers within your company and how to give them free reign to test their entrepreneurial ideas so that they continue to innovate within the company, rather than leaving to start their own ventures. There are plenty of people who have a basic understanding of social media marketing, but every time FSC needs to hire someone for the search department it’s much more difficult to find people with experience in SEO and paid search.
Building a brand based on your individual personality is a niche that no one else can compete with. Coming up on a year freelancing full-time and I have grown so much creatively, but the work is still pretty inconsistent for me.
I even priced out what it would cost to add him to my health insurance if we got married, and it’s STILL ridiculously unaffordable. My experience as a blogger and running an e-commerce store gave me a basic understanding of SEO and Google Analytics so that I could get hired and continue to improve my skills.
Illustration: Anna WrayThere are no half measures when it comes to becoming an illustrator. Because you are most likely going to be self-employed, no one is going to motivate you other than you. You need to know absolutely that you want to be an illustrator, if it's just half an idea or a vague plan you won't be able to stick at it in the long term. It's your self belief and determination that will get you through the challenge of establishing yourself. Adaptability You need to be prepared to adapt your work to what sellsYou will need to be able to adapt your way of thinking and illustrating to fit a clients brief who will often want to have input during the process of the illustration.
There is a balancing act between keeping clients happy without compromising the integrity of the illustration (I sometimes got the balance wrong in the early days and was too embarassed to put the work on my website!).
The broader the application of your work the better as one area might dry up as another starts to takes off.
A network of friends and fellow creatives After staring at a screen all day, you'll go mad if you don't meet up with real humansThe part of the day when you are working as an illustrator can be pretty solitary and to compound this quite often you do not meet your clients in person and are more likely to communicate through phone, email or Skype.
To counterbalance this it really helps to have a network of friends or fellow freelancers close by so you can catch up after work for a coffee or drink. If you don't know many creatives in your local area you can always join or set up a creative freelancer group and have regular meet-ups.
A good space A coffee shop can be a good place to do your freelance workMost illustrators start of with a Mac in the corner of their bedroom or living room and that's ideal way to start as you don't have the stress of overheads as you become established. After a while though you will want a separate place to work to keep work and life a little separate. If your lucky enough to have a garden studio or spare room that's great, otherwise there are many initiatives where local freelancers can rent a desk or space in a creative community which also has the added benefit of providing you with some office banter and social interaction.
If all else fails I love to bring my sketchbook and laptop to my local bookshop or coffee shop to work. Persistence and a thick skin There are always going to be times when things go quiet and you quietly start to panic, at moments like this it is invaluable to be persistent.
Do you need to create new work to suit a particular field that you are not getting any luck in? Constantly update your blog and post new work to others, create new work and don't let your website go stale. Often it's not the best work that is the most well known, it's the illustrators who work the hardest at marketing.
Get on the phone, blog, email new people, set up new meetings, send stuff in the post, get an agent.
When, finally, you start to make a reliable living as an illustrator, nothing beats the creative freedom and liberation that comes with being your own boss. Your time is your own, no longer are you a small cog but the master if your own creative destiny.

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