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While other website builders limit you to the same boring template already being used by hundreds of others across the web, WebStarts provides you with a true drag and drop interface that makes it easy for you to customize virtually every aspect of your website. Perhaps the number one reason why so many people choose to use WebStarts to create a free website is our team of web experts.
Under the ‘Input levels’ section, were going to slide the middle (black) and right (white) tab to adjust the image.
Remember, you can use anything you want, provided it is a good quality, high-resolution jpeg image (for more ideas on what to use, see part 1).
Just as we did in the last tutorial with the text, resize the image to fill most of the background. Here is your final chance to make everything perfect, so feel free to re-position (‘move tool’) and re-size (‘scale tool’) the image around to where you are satisfied with the colouring. Coming next: How to create a blog header (like I did) Part 3 – Finishing your header! Working online has become a lifestyle lately & like you, millions desire to do the same. Google AdSense is a free service offered by Google for publishers to monetize their web content. Getting started with AdSense is easy & you need a blog or Youtube channel to get approval for AdSense account. This is the most basic newbies often ask & you can read this guide to understand how much you can earn. BlogSpot is a free blogging platform by Google & you can create a blog of your own in next few minutes (About 10 minutes). Design: When you are setting up your first blog on BlogSpot, you will be using any of the template offered by them.
This one I recommend to those who have a prior experience of working online or have an idea of how things work.
Once your Youtube channel is up for few days with constantly video upload (5-10 quality videos), you are most likely to be eligible for making money from uploaded videos.
Let me promise you one thing, the day you would see first few dollars in your AdSense dashboard, that feeling will be priceless.
Next step for you is to increase your traffic as more traffic will help you generate more money. Hi Harsh, I have an active ad sense account (i got it activated it for youtube monetization) but you have not mentioned how to put ads in our blog or website page ? To do so: Go to your AdSense account settings, Under “Access and authorization” section, next to “Only host sites are allowed to show ads for your account,” click edit & follow the process! I have seen many of your articles where you claim to have earned more than 8000k$ per month. As far as time required to start earning is concerned, it will depend on your marketing – how soon you can reach to more of your target audience.
Also, tell me bringing social traffic to my non adsense page and convert that traffic to my another adsense placed posts is ok for Google Adsense Terms ? I have a question – I have started 2 blogs and am trying post regularly on those and I am also fighting hard to get traffic on them. Can you please help me about this – how shall I see if things are in sync with each other?
You forgot to mention that google adsense will activate adds on your blog only when there is sufficient content. Secondly,Make sure that your pages have sufficient text – websites that contain mostly images, videos or Flash animations will not be approved. Third, ensure that your website is fully built and launched before you apply for AdSense – do not apply while your site’s still in a beta or “under construction” phase or only consists of a website template.

Last, Provide a clear navigation system for your visitors so that they can easily find all of the sections and pages of your website. If you are into freelancing business or a person who offers limited amount of services, then your clients would be asking for invoice for the amount they owe you.
Now for creating a Invoice there are numerous accounting software’s like Tally, Peachtree, Microsoft Money etc but all of these need you to setup a company, create ledgers, debtors, creditors and a lot of confusing stuff for a person who just has to request money for his services. You don’t have to sign-up or register with the website, just enter the data and get a print out of the same. Related PostsBest Celebrity Look Alike GeneratorConsidering a Freelance Career in Web Designing? Here are 5 reasons why WebStarts is the best free website builder and why over 2.5 million people already trust WebStarts with their website.
With WebStarts you can design a truly unique website that conveys the value of your products and services.
That means websites built with WebStarts are more likely to get found on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. With Webstarts you can add photo galleries, slideshows, flash, music, videos, Facebook like button, Twitter retweet buttons, and so much more it can’t possibly all be listed here. WebStarts is the only website builder to provide you with the ability to instantly begin accepting credit card payments directly from your website.
We’re the only website builder who puts their phone number across the top of every page. If you don’t already have an account you can sign up for a free website by click on this link. Now that we have the custom text for our header, we are ready to create the extra elements. It’s as simple as drawing on white paper with black ink, then turning them into digital images ready to be fixed and edited. Anything you draw can be digitally cropped, rotated, flipped, enlarged, minimised and duplicated, which means you don’t have to draw everything perfectly. I bookmarked this tutorial for when I have time to change my blog header, I will try your tips esp that my GIMP hasn’t been useful for me these days. By the end of this epic guide, you will have all the required information along with things you need to do to start earning as soon as possible.
A publisher can be anyone with a blog, Website, Youtube channel or other allowed online property.
This is the best way for anyone who have never worked online & first time trying to make money. They are good, but you can always use a 3rd party free template to make your BlogSpot blog look more professional. Now, since you have tested the joy of making money online, your next focus should be increasing the revenue. If you are stuck anywhere, you can always ask questions in ShoutMeLoud Bloggers forum, where many readers like you hang out to help each other.
Over the last 7 years, he & his team has proved the way to turn blogging into a lucrative career choice. Your blog very Inspirational and one of the best place for learning I have already Subscribed all post services for your blog.
I just want to say that behind every penny earned online, there is a business transaction involved and that’s why if you want to earn online, you will have to understand your project from the business point of view. Instead of finding which niche suits you, you should think of which niche you can work on seriously at this moment. Though I have not been able to moetize it much as I had to go away from the blogging scene due certain reasons, but now I am back.

In addition to these 2, I have one casual blog where I post one quote a day and I see that I get some 100 visits on that blog (it is on Blogspot and visits are given by Blogspot only) – but the same stats are not reflected in my Adsense account. It does not have to be the main page, but test pages that are empty except for the AdSense ad code will not be approved. Can you give suggest me an article on how to buy, host and set up wordpress to start a website of my own. The invoice is very important for both the parties for accounting purpose because all the monetarily payments & receipts should be taken into consideration and should be properly maintained in the books.
Now a web developer cannot become a accountant or learn accounting for creating this, hence here is a Online Invoice Creating wizard which can be accessed anywhere anytime and can help you in a professional looking invoice. There’s no long, complicated application process you might find with other website builders. This tutorial will show you an easy way to use your own illustrations or clip art, and colour them in the same way we did in part 1. For example If you wanted a pattern effect, you only have to draw one image and duplicate the rest.
This is where using your own images comes in handy, you are free to utilise them however you choose. If you have tried researching on how people are making money online, I’m sure you must have read about AdSense few times by now. Here I’m listing down three places where you can create a web property in next few minutes to get started. Here is a resource for premium looking free BlogSpot template that you can use on your blog. If you are in no mood to read eBook, here are resources that you can refer to right now & create a WordPress blog of your own.
Once you have done all this (Should take a couple of months), then you can focus on creating niche based AdSense sites. Hence you need to always send a invoice to the other party before requesting payments because a copy of these invoice would be helpful to you too for calculating the total amount of sales in a financial year. You can also add your company logo on the Preview Page and then either print the invoice or save the copy to your computer which can be emailed to the other party. One Hop means your website is only one network hop from Google’s primary server base. By the end of this post you will have everything you need to build a beautiful blog banner, and be ready for the final step. Depending upon your level of understanding, you can start for free or put a little money if you already aware of how things work online. If you are placing ads on Blogspot than you are good but if you placing ads on other site, you need to convert your hosted AdSense account into Non-hosted AdSense. The joy part is, you will be paid handsomely for your dedication over the time which is why online money making is so lucrative.
My health is in very bad state and I desperately need to earn some money for my medical costs as well as my living. When combined with new, original content frequent crawls result in your website getting better search engine ranking. If at all I start a website on any niche , from when can I make some earnings from the website. You are using many paid plugins and themes, So I guess your investment on this website is also more.

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