How to create a website using php and mysql in dreamweaver,photo edit free be funky,free images for commercial use - Step 1

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After you successfully create a MySQL database table and create a login form page, next is creating a php script that we will use for the login process.
In order to process the login script and read user tables that exist in the MySQL database server. Next, you can create whatever pages you want, where pages can only be accessed when a person is logged.
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In the previous tutorial, we have discussed how to create a login and logout page without a MySQL database server using php script. Here we will give the name of the table with the user and for the name of the database is databasename.
Simple login form will we use to go to a special page that can only be opened through the login process.
We have to connect to the database server and the following is a page to connect to the MySQL database server. Login and logout scripts can you develop and you can even create their own admin page for your website.

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However different, this time we will use a MySQL database table to store user data and parsing each login that happens. If the username and password in the login form is loaded the same as in a MySQL database table then the login process will be successful. You want to know, how to create login and logout page using a MySQL database and PHP script ?

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