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Sets are groups of tattoos you have saved in your favorites, you can create as many sets as you want to organize your tattoos. It represents longevity, resurrection and immortality because it lives for centuries and after death is reborn out of its own ashes.
The legend of the phoenix teaches us that when one thing comes to an end, another begins, and from there we can start again on our path to the next level. The phoenix rising from the flames, is thus a symbol of purification from the heat of the fire which burns away negative karma and heals the past.
In ancient Egypt the bird Bennu, whose name means “shining” or “rising”, was born again from the ashes and was sacred to Ra, the sun god. The Asian phoenix is depicted as a cross between the pheasant and peacock, with bright colours of mainly red and orange – fire tones.
This evocative, mythological iconography has influenced and continues to influence images of the phoenix also into tattoos. The snake has divine connotations for many cultures and a huge number of symbolic meanings, some of which are opposing. One very ancient symbol is Ouroboros: portrayed as a snake swallowing its own tail, indicating the cyclical nature of things. In India, tantric and other spiritual traditions use an image of the kundalini as a sleeping snake, curled at the bottom of the spine; when it wakes up the kundalini also reawakens the chakra.

In the matriarchal societies of places such as Africa, India, Brazil, China and New Guinea the snake is the master of women and fertility. In Greece and Egypt it is feared since it has the power to bring the cosmos back to the original chaos but it is also worshipped because it represents the other side of the spirit: the inspirer of life. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The concept of evolution led to a great revolution in thought, inspiring many theories in various other branches of science. It is as a result of this relaxed atmosphere that Michele can establish a special rapport with his clients, he becomes almost a confidant or counsellor as he operates the machine is his informal way.
He works in the realistic style with an amazingly skilled hand, and pays particular attention to his equipment. A sign of strength and pure energy, it is related to life, water and female energy, as well as death and the primordial forces of destruction.
Similarly, in ancient Egypt the cobra which appears on the forehead of the Pharoah and divinities is the symbol of royalty and illumination. In fact Athena the Greek goddess of all sciences, hides a snake which is sacred to her behind her shield and a pair of snakes are wrapped around her waist. Together with his wife Chiara Manzini, who is also a tattoo artist, and his colleagues and friends, he creates a friendly atmosphere to welcome people who have taken the major step towards expressing themselves with a piece of tattoo art.

It is a symbol of knowledge, so it can also be dangerous, but because of its ability to shed its skin it represents transformation and physical and spiritual wellbeing.
In this issue you’ll also find this as a tattoo design and, naturally, much more besides!This magazine is avalaible with the Italian cover only.
Every single person is unique and deserves to have a tattoo that has been designed especially for them. These days a lot of artists think they are working on a canvas, forgetting sometimes that what we have before us is still skin. It is important to remember that everyone’s skin is different and every tattoo has to be carried out using the appropriate machine settings». After years of experience, Michele has designed his own line of machines and coil – Power Liner, Big Magnum and Cut Back Shader – and also distributes Dino Casarin’s Rotary Tattoo Machines.

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