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Javascript doit etre active dans votre navigateur pour utiliser toutes les fonctionnalites de ce site. The religious tattoos you’ll see in this gallery belong to the Christian tradition: hands joined together in prayer, the face of Jesus, the Virgin Mary or the Saints. In the Middle Ages the faithful used tattoos to proudly show their devotion, permanently covering parts of their body with the religious symbols of the sanctuaries they had visited. The relationship between western religion and tattooing has been subject to struggle: tattoos were forbidden in the Old Testament, while these days the message is less clear and the question is taken to another level: why does a believer want to get a tattoo? In Japanese culture carp are a symbol of love and friendship and their image can be seen on kites at children’s birthday parties, to wish the youngsters strength and virtue.

In the tattoo world, the carp, especially if associated with running water, is a symbol of the bravery which enables you to overcome obstacles and leads you to do great things. This interpretation comes from the belief that the carp is able to jump easily up waterfalls and, if caught, can face the blade of a knife without quivering. An ancient legend tells the story of a carp which succeeded in going up a waterfall, overcoming hurdles and evil spirits. So the carp began to represent those who are not afraid of facing hardships in life and aspire to achieving great things. This theme is not restricted to one particular style, but realistic tattoos are the most common.

This practice was later banned but reappeared between the 15th and 18th century as a way to show one’s spiritual identity.
What’s certain is that before you get a tattoo, whether you want to represent your faith or you just want to decorate your body, find out about the symbolism of the subject you’ve chosen.

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