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As far as the tattoo is concerned, people get the cat out of love and liking for its aesthetic appeal. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Celtic Tattoos, Dragon Tattoos, Cute Tattoos and Phoenix Tattoos. The colorful and cute Cheshire cat tattoo etched on the arm of the girl makes a lovely style statement. The playful and adventurous girl displays her nail art and a cute Cheshire cat tattoo peering from her wrist. Have a look at this stylized version of Cheshire cat that is a symbol of wearer’s belief in magic and fantasies. Mischievous and mysterious in outlook, the cat with a wide grin stands for fun and adventure. The green eyed Cheshire cat with a wide crescent grin reminds the wearer of the numerous wonders and mysteries of life. This blue Cheshire cat looks a little quirky and stands for the mysterious nature of the wearer.
Colorful Cheshire cat with its toothy signature grin is a symbol of positivity and happiness. The dark Cheshire cat with an evil smile symbolizes fear that we must overcome to find right direction in life.

The smiling Cheshire cat inspires the wearer to face tough situations with a positive attitude.
Donning the mad Hatter’s hat, the striped Cheshire cat represents the good and evil inside us.
This fearsome Cheshire cat is a symbol of danger and death that reside inside us in the form of fear and doubt.
The evil looking Cheshire cat tattoo points towards the dangers in life that may guide us in the wrong direction.
Black and gray Cheshire cat tattoo etched on the arm motivates the girl to find her way in life. The blood red stripes on the body of the blue Cheshire cat present a fearsome tattoo portrait to the eyes. Carefree and cool Cheshire cat, gracing the leg of the girl, inspires her to live in the present and keep worries at bay. Colors are yet to be filled in this arm tattoo that conveys the love of the guy for Cheshire cat. Adorable Cheshire cat tattoo, etched on the back, represents the fun-loving and adventurous nature of the girl. This arm tattoo is symbolic of the girl’s fearless and curious nature who is not afraid of finding her own path in life.

Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. One such popular and cool tattoo is the Cheshire cat tattoo that takes inspiration from the epic book “Alice in Wonderland”.
It motivates and inspires them to find the right direction in life and have belief in oneself. If you are also a fan of the cat and want to get your body inked with a similar design then you have dropped at the right spot.
The book as well as the TV show, both became a hit among the children and adults and many of them fell in love with the various characters of the adventurous story.
Here we have created a collection of 26 images that show the Cheshire cat in varied avatars.
It is an unreliable and unpredictable character who keeps disappearing and also guides Alice in the wrong direction.

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