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Today, dreams featuring dolphins represent the dreamer’s relationship with the people and things around him. But perhaps what really makes dolphins appeal to humans is the majesty and intelligence they possess—their mystical ability to relate to our moods and feelings. All in all, dolphins are emblems of strength, dignity, freedom, playfulness, grace, and joy. Whether you're thinking about getting a slick tribal dolphin tattoo design, cartoon dolphin tat or a more complex combination of tribal and dolphin image, perusing the very best flash available for these body art images is sure to give you a healthy dose of inspiration. With their smooth, curvy, flowing shape and natural coloring dolphins are exceptional subjects in the world of tribal tattoos. With a few smooth lines, a sophisticated tribal dolphin can be tattooed right onto the skin, where it will serve as a symbol of hope and optimism for the rest of your life.
British poet Matthew Green once wrote, "Though pleas'd to see the dolphins play, I mind my compass and my way." This refers to the hypnotizing effect that watching a dolphin swim can have on you. When you see a dolphin on TV or in real life, look at its face; chances are, it's going to look like it's grinning right at you. The natural appearance of a dolphin makes it appear friendly and kind, which is another reason that they've developed such positive connotations through the years. Dolphin tattoo designs are also commonly used to represent a fresh start or a new beginning.
The dolphin itself has long been a popular animal among many different cultures of the world.
Therefore, the dolphin represents the death of a past lifestyle and the birth of a new life.
There are a number of symbolic representations of dolphins found in other cultures throughout the world and even in dream interpretations. It is this almost magical or mystical symbolic connection that has made it possible for dolphins to serve as therapists to handicapped children and to those suffering from mental illnesses such as depression. Such a lovely dolphin tattoo with the sea spreading wide as the dolphin zooms it’s way through the ocean. I saw one dolphin tattoo a guy designed in Denver that used a mix of greens, reds and blues to make the ocean look like it was somewhere on another planet. Dolphin tattoos have sort of found a new life these days and they are increasingly becoming a popular design choice, especially among the young.
This style of dolphin tattoo is supposed to look animated and not be an actual depiction of this mammal. This intangible connection makes dolphins reliable therapeutic agents for the handicap and other individuals suffering from depression.
Immortalizing these great personalities on your skin is best done by brandishing dolphin tattoos.
People can't help but smile when they see a dolphin, so a dolphin design is never a bad idea. In fact, it ranked dolphins second in intelligence among all species - except, of course, for mice.
The fact that dolphins came in a close second, though, is something that these beautiful sea creatures should feel justifiably proud of.
As the subject of tribal tattoos, then, dolphins are great choices for those who want something cheery and optimistic.
It is also one of the most popular tattoo choices and it is most commonly tattooed on women.

The develop friendships, which differ greatly from the relationships that they place themselves in. They commonly occur in our dreams, and many psychology literature attempts to figure out what the appearance of a dolphin in our dreams may mean. As science learns more and more about these intelligent creatures, we begin to feel as though they are somehow different from other animals and much like ourselves. For example, the image of two dolphins together is symbolic of harmony within the Chinese yin-yang philosophy. This special connection we feel with dolphins is a large reason for our desire to pay tribute and show respect to these animals in the form of a tattoo.
This tattoo makes the dolphin look like it’s really moving fast through the sea, almost like it is heading home to the rest of the dolphin family. Almost like dolphins originally came from somewhere else and came to earth to help save mankind.
With people from all walks of life getting tattoos and many different styles of dolphin tattoo designs available you may be wondering how to choose one that fits you body image. The are often shown doing things that a normal dolphin wouldn’t do, such as sitting at a table or even doing tequila shots! With the various design options and meanings underlying this tattoo, you are sure to find one that matches your taste and lifestyle. As they believe that water refreshes a person from past troubles, dolphin tattoos symbolize rebirth—the passing of a former life to welcome a better one. Thus, dolphin tattoos often bear the inscription “some beach… somewhere” to represent the sense of freedom and lightheartedness these creatures exude. Dolphins are indeed good companions to have, and it comes as no surprise that many people choose pay tribute to these animals by immortalizing them in dolphin tattoos. By getting a tattoo of a tribal dolphin, you'll always be able to look at one without danger of becoming lost. There are so many different species of dolphins, and so many different types of dolphin tattoos that the possibilities are literally endless. They are one of only a few animals that mate for the pleasure of it, and not just for the procreation effects.
Someone who tattoos a dolphin on themselves may be proclaiming their new beginning, washing away the sins of their old life.
The tattoo representation of a dolphin in relation to dreams could mean the dreaming for a better life, or at least for a different life. While the Celts viewed the dolphin as a symbol of rebirth, some view the dolphin as a symbol of the life they hope to have someday. In dreams, dolphins are thought to represent the relationship the dreamer has with the world around him.
But, regardless of your reason for getting a dolphin tattoo you can rest assured that it’s a symbol of freedom, grace, strength, joy and playfulness. I have seen a lot of tattoos using a small dolphin tattoo on the back of the shoulder or somewhere around the ankle area. There was one girl I met also that had one dolphin tattoo blended in with a whale tattoo, it was one of the neatest tattoos I have seen. There are many different ways to fir a dolphin tattoo into your personal collection of body ink.
If you're a fan of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a dolphin tattoo might be right up your alley.

Dolphins are known for being extremely smart creatures, and therefore can be used to symbolize wisdom. Dolphins are able to learn tricks at an alarming rate, and often dolphins will have their own personalities and traits that separate them from others. These tattoos are often accompanied by a phrase or words that relate to the picture that they are trying to create. Since the dolphin lives in the water, it is understandable that it has become associated with water.
Since dolphins are known for their playfulness and the sense of freedom they create, dolphin tattoo designs often represent a desire for freedom. Most of the tattoos like this are very small in size, and the artists are usually doing some experimenting with a mix of different color combinations.
Just the picture of a whale and a dolphin together jumping out of the ocean was breath taking. It shows dolphins the way they are supposed to look and are often put into scenes such as the ocean.
For the Chinese, the image of a pair of dolphins represents the harmony underlying the yin-yang philosophy. Because they are one of only a few animals that can learn from humans and at times, communicate with humans, they are often considered to be the connection between us and the sea.
According to Celtic beliefs, water has the power to baptize away past problems and to rejuvenate a person. In addition to Celtic designs and philosophical representations of dolphins, some choose to get tattoos of a cartoon dolphin tattoo. With so many different types of dolphin tattoos, it is no wonder everyone seems to be able to find one that suits his or her lifestyle and taste.
If that’s not the style of dolphin tattoo that your looking for there are many other designs available to you. In addition, these sea creatures have often been associated with the image of Jesus Christ. They tend to have an advantage over other sea creatures that they share the waters with because they have a much better grasp of the world around them.
Someone who tattoos a dolphin on them could be trying to represent their love for the animal kingdom. You can get Celtic dolphin tattoos, portrait style designs or even a tribal dolphin tattoo, the choice is up to you.
There are many great reasons why dolphins are often connected with wisdom and being intellectual. For others, dolphins may represent the death of a previous life that they never wish to return to. Because dolphins are so smart, they are respected in many cultures and are known to be representative of trailblazing, or creating your own path.

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