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This version of the Greek myth is based on the Radical Comics series "Hercules: The Thracian Wars" which takes place in barbarian Thrace rather than Greece. It sounds like it has summer potential for MGM and Paramount, but I will wait until I hear who else joins the cast before I get too excited. Rock will make for a great Hercules, plus Ratner is fine, he's a serviceable director if the script works and at least this isn't any material i feel is sacred. In the comic book, Hercules follows the Thracian King’s orders and trains the Thracian army into one that excels in its ruthlessness.

Him doing a generic action movie that deviates greatly from the original source material is something I will gladly pass on. Not only does he possess an almost superhuman strength (have you seen those muscles?), a killer sense of humour, and a smile that will make you melt, but he also seems like such a friendly, down-to-earth guy. Whether you prefer to call him Dwayne Johnson or The Rock, there is just no denying his hotness. Name* Mail* Notify me of followup comments via e-mailEnter your information to the left to post a comment.Want a personal pic?

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