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This old, but still very shiny gravestone is in the old graveyard, in the old part of Reykjavik. This is the mid-atlantic rift where the North American tectonic plate (left) and the Euralasian plate drift apart from one another. This small waterfall is in the ?ingvellir National Park, and only about 300m away from gathering spot of the Al?ingi (the national assembly).
On the Golden Circle Tour we stopped in a small green house village and we toured one of the green houses.
This row of colorful buildings is pretty typical for scandinavia where humans must bring color into the world where they can. On the road to Keflavik there are dozens of pick piles -- I managed to take a few pictures that didn't totally suck.
This amazing stainless steel sculpture sits on its own little bulge in the Reykjavik coast line.
These houses on Hverfisgata show the much used corrugated steel coverings over rocks and wood to give the house better protection from the intense exposure to the elements here. This rather large church is one one of the highest points in Reykjav?k and is visible for miles away. This shot is from the outside -- this non heated pool seems to be some sort of run-off pool. As Ariel predicted, someone already mistook it as a Union Jack, and its less than 24 hours old.

This demo of the fog screen involved two cameras that were tracking an infrared LED mounted on a visor. Exotic Flowers – Exotic Flower Arrangements are perfect for any occasions like Birthdays, Graduations, Independence Day, and others.
Beautiful Orchids: All sorts of Orchids even the exotic ones are nurtured and sell here at Beautiful Orchids. The Flower Expert: Search for all Exotic Flowers here at The Flower Expert, your online Flower Shop. Style Exotic: Exotic and Stylish Flowers for all Occasions are offered here at Style Exotic. When you walk across the bridge you literally walk from Europe to North America (tectonically speaking).
The green house was stacked with tons of attractive flowers that would not normally grow in Island, were it not for the geo-thermal heating. The cavity underneath this area used to be filled with magma, and then due to an erruption elsewhere the magma emptied. The fall churns up so many water particles that its hard to get a clear picture of the fall.
I found it on the first day here and it has served as a great navigational beacon ever since! These tiny flowers are struggling to make it in the cold weather, and I was drawn to the contrast of the ice and colorful flowers.

There are parallel sheets of air on either side that keep the fog (water mist) from disintegrating immediately. They have figured out a way to make fog travel downward in a reasonably flat method, so that you can project images on it. Check out their Store availability as well as well as their description on what breed of plants are they. And then this crater happened as all of the mass above caused the now empty space to collapse forming this crater. This weather pattern is really nice, because you get a nice clean coat of snow every day and it's mostly gone by noon when you'd get sick of it. Maybe it needs some corrugated tin and a colorful paint job like the rest of the buildings that surround it.
The person can walk 360 degrees around the fog screen and have the shark face the person at each position.
Without the supporting sheets of air, the fog becomes erratic quickly and a lot of capacity to display on the fog gets lost.

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