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By Arusha Campbell-Chambers, skin, hair & nail health Malignant melanoma of the skin is a serious type of skin cancer which may be life threatening. There is so so so much brown disgusting pus flowing out of this poor guy, I am surprised there was anything left of him when they were done. On a side note, I had a an abdominal infection once that looked a lot like this did and when they drained it, it smelled like an open sewer!
I like how the doctor starts out with a couple of 4×4’s in his hand, does he have a surprise coming! I know it’s not representative but the popthatzit website is hardly a great advert for the benefits of a tattoo. To pusareus: Myself, my hub and my daughter all have tats, and I am close friends with a very successful tattoo artist.

Another issue, aside from the tattoo artist not using new needles and sterile equipment, is he may have had an allergic or bad reaction to the ink used. As far as the infection site itself, more than likely the doctor packed it open and it was left to heal from the inside out, with daily dressing changes.
Well, that’s about as close as you can get to sticking your finger into a zombie… wowza! Am I the only one going to be so gauche as to mention that (a) this is a repost, (b) the original has been a consistent FEATURED video since it first appeared, and (c) this is a really **ZIT**py, pixellated version? Words escape me as I have never seen such wicked looking drainage from such an innocuous looking zit.
In fact, here in Canada, he would be admitted for a few days of IV antibiotics and at least twice daily dressing changes.

The size of the wound that was left was large enough to build a small housing development on. It appears that the doc could just insert his hand and remove a lung or a kidney – or both. I know that there is oft battled debate about the relationship between infection and tattoos.
Although the tattoo’s design was quite intricate it was all done in black which reminds me of a prison tattoo.

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