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Kat Von D (Katherine von Drachenberg) was born in March 8th, 1982.  At 33, she is a successful global tattoo artist, musician and model. The core of Inked for Peace's offerings are FREE peace-inspiring tattoos, both permanent and temporary. If you want a more personal peace-inspiring tattoo design, you will be able to crowdsource. Inked for Peace will tell the peace-inspiring story behind every tattooing or removal for which the organization is responsible. The culmination of all our efforts to foster a community will be evident at our "Inked for Peace" festivals, which we intend to hold at least annually in various cities around the U.S. We will eventually have an online store full of the typical company swag - Inked for Peace branded t-shirts, hats, and seasonal items.
We at Inked for Peace look forward to the day when we can say we are certain we are meeting our market's desires to the utmost and are poised for expansion.
The last thing we'll show you, just in case we have some potential angel investors out there, is an infographic which depicts the expansion potential of Inked for Peace in the U.S.

Show your commitment to peace by getting "Inked for Peace" and tell your story.(Need more info? Originally from the small town of Three Forks, Montana, Nia Van Harlem's starry-eyed dreams and ambitious drive quickly led her to seek grander adventures all over the world. And you can also preview the real font style use the "text preview" function before you download this font.
Being a famous tattoo artist she has covered her entire body in creative and symbolic tattoos, which includes her face, neck, back, hands, waist and legs. Simply tell your story and allow our cadre of talented tattoo artists to try to capture its essence.
There will be music, food, rides for the kiddies, games, and, of course, "inking for peace." Booths will be available for both peace organizations and tattoo related vendors. Many a band used the venue as a launchpad, going on to sign record deals, and Daniel ensured audiences' early experiences with the bands were stellar, to say the least. She created a Guinness World Record of maximum tattoos given by one person in 24 hours, with 400 in total.

It remains to be seen whether we will have to charge for this service in order to ensure you get plenty of options.
A lifelong Floridian, Daniel has graced every social scene from Miami to Pensacola with his presence, charmed his way into the most elite circles, and networked like a champ. When you see her face you will find the left side of her forehead covered with stars tattoo.
This acts as an ongoing reminder to herself to do everything in her life from a state of love. The more we partner with tattoo supply companies, which will require significant demand from you to get "inked for peace," the less likely it will be that we have to charge a fee.
You, as a vibrant and diverse community of tattoo AND peace enthusiasts will make the festivals amazing!

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