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One of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones on their birthday is the gift of inspiration. Of course, there isn't a one-size-fits-all inspirational poem for every birthday boy or girl. If the birthday boy or girl is a very proud person but still needs some inspiration, choose a very subtle inspirational poem (less-than-subtle inspirational birthday poems might seem patronizing to this loved one).
If the birthday boy or girl lacks drive and needs a little push to do something that will lead to a considerably better quality of life, opt for more assertive inspirational birthday poems. If the birthday boy or girl is very insecure, go for a highly positive, slightly subtle inspirational birthday poem (so you won't add insult to injury).
Since most people love inspirational messages, there's really no need to consider if inspirational birthday poems are right for your loved ones. Bottom line: Choose one of the inspirational birthday poems below or tailor it to your taste a€” whatever expresses your birthday wish the best. I like this poem because it redefines the meaning of true success, inspiring us to be better than we are, reach beyond ourselves and truly help our fellow man, woman and child.
This is the type of inspiration that many of us need to reach our full potential as human beings. If you would like to add a personal birthday wish to this inspiration birthday poem, you could use the this one: May you know this success on your special day. I truly hate how long it takes to shop all over the place for the perfect birthday gifts, cards or party supplies.
In a poem, this message is more palatable and, in the case of this birthday poem, quite uplifting. If you would like to add a personal birthday wish to this inspiration birthday poem, I would use a simple one that does not preach to the birthday boy or girl: This is my birthday wish for you. One of the reasons why I like the poem below is its focus on perception (our own perception) and how it can prevent us from trying anything new or different, sealing our fate, so to speak. If you would like to add a personal birthday wish to this birthday poem, you could use the this one: I think you're a winner.

There are some loved ones in our lives who have potential but lack the confidence to fulfill it.
FREE EXCLUSIVE EXTRASSign up to get free exclusive tips, "What's New" alerts and printables! They say a person is better understood by the legacy they leave behind; words, actions, initiatives, etc. On a personal level, I have learned a lot through quotes from Aristotle because they enabled me to give words to the journey of self-development that I have had to work through to mature as a person. Quotes from Aristotle also came under scrutiny from his peers and have borne the same reception by future philosophers and intellectuals.
After taking a look at some other quotes from Aristotle enabled me to decipher that this man not only wanted to live a good life himself, but also wanted to share the secret to doing so with others as well so that, perhaps, they may attain fulfillment in their lives. A man who speaks of excellence would understand the significance of our actions and values being in-line with each other.
When we speak of the rightful implementation of the law, we know we are laying & strengthening the foundations to a stable state that has growth destined for it. Understanding what is required at the basic level for states to prosper and grow; Aristotle was very much able to see the flip side of the coin and knew what practices and mindset were detrimental for the same. As a “feeler”, Aristotle possessed the ability to break matters down and get to their heart. A person with the ability to appreciate life finds it so much easier to the same quality into practice with art. Words that stir the soul or move mountains can have a profound effect on someone special, especially on the day of their birth and particularly in a poem. All you need to do is choose a poem with a theme that matches one of the messages above, a message you want to send to someone special.
If you're not convinced of this fact, click here to read Why we love inspirational quotes, an article I found the other day.
In fact, I would even say that this is one of those inspirational birthday poems that can truly motivate people to carry on.

Its message is relatively simple: if you think you'll never accomplish anything worthwhile, you won't. Wintle is one of those inspirational birthday poems that can cut through all the walls people build to make sure they never fail (or even try) and, along the way, can provide the reader with some hope for success. Giving these special people this poem is a kind, loving way to remind them that they can do anything with their lives.
I have the perfect one right here: I know you can be whatever you want to be, because you have the courage to fulfill your potential. And it intertwines every theme so seamlessly, to the extent that it's quite difficult to separate one from another, making this poem all the more approachable to any reader.
Of course, no one remains spared from the bad-mouths; presidents, leaders, activists, prophets all have suffered at the hands of character assassination. When you go through the many areas of life that quotes from Aristotle touch, you get the feel of an immortal mind that was confined to a mortal body.
In return, a person who exhibits such consistency would have appreciation and respect for the law and its proper implementation.
One such “matter” he found delight delving in was studying the intricacies of life and seeing them for their real worth.
Aristotle held great admiration for artists and strived to understand the spirit of their work. Essentially, we love them (and probably your family and friends love them too) because we love ideas (the ideas we find in inspirational messages) that give birth to other ideas (our own ideas). I find that this poem works best with people who have certain gifts but don't realize they have them or believe that they don't have them, which pretty much leads to the same conclusion: I won't even try to use my gifts, because I will fail. But see, here’s the interesting paradox; when we talk trash about someone behind their backs, it only intrigues our audience and listeners to find out about the person we’re tearing apart with our words.

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