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Born Phoebe Anne Moses in Greenville, Ohio, Annie Oakley pulled herself out of the depths of poverty to become an iconic performer and a symbol of the Wild West. Annie Oakley, the star of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, thrilled audiences around the world with her daring shooting feats.
Produced with grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, Annie Oakley was originally broadcast in May 2006. As your health and fitness dreamer, finding inspiration and motivation was key to my own weight loss and fitness. The weight loss story continues with the addition of the best and most annoying little gadget.
We get into the down and dirty details about how I lost over 75 pounds with the day in and day out sometimes-this-sucks reality of losing weight. Read more about how your inspiration may not be as enthusiastic every day, and how you can keep your momentum anyway. Keeping it simple may not be the best way to describe my approach to any dream task I take on. If you consider the thought of losing 75 pounds at the beginning of the path, the dream itself may be so overwhelming we don’t even take that first step. Read more about how incorporating fitness into your weight loss is when you will truly see results.

I officially give you permission to look like an idiot while attempting a new dream challenge.
Read more about how you can jump into your next big dream challenge – and get a laugh from my own crazy outfit. Read more about pushing yourself to try something new can offer an experience you will never forget. This collection of inspiring and motivational weight loss and fitness quotes can boost your day, or offer you the hilarious reality check you need. Choose from quotes covering healthy living, self care, getting fit, eating right and successful weight loss from the world’s most famous women and female athletes of our time. While her act helped fuel turn-of-the-century nostalgia for the vanished, mythical world of the American West, the legend of Annie Oakley had little to do with the real Annie. A good portion of those making New Year resolutions will include goals for weight loss and getting fit.
The posts listed below are a few inspirational stories of how you can find your motivation to keep going and achieve your dreams of a healthy lifestyle. You can call it whatever cliche you like – the last straw, officially fed up, enough is enough – but when it happens, you can feel that this time is different.
Having a small device track your activity and give you feedback on how much you’ve moved throughout the day made a huge difference in my fitness.

The details of how much and when I eat may be considered over the top, but there is a method to the madness as I continued to lose weight consistently. In the case of my own weight loss and fitness dream, those steps added up to a renewed passion of health. We are surrounded by images and ideas that make it too easy to develop a negative body image. The most important thing I can do is to support you, fellow dreamer, and share all the things I’ve learned on my road to health and fitness in the hope that someone, somewhere is inspired to take action. Although famous as a western sharpshooter, Oakley lived her entire life east of the Mississippi.
My fellow 8 Women Dream sister, photographer Iman Woods, is working hard to help us dispel this notion.I love her attitude and energy she puts into giving us inspirational stories to change the way we treat ourselves. A champion in a man’s sport, Oakley forever changed ideas about the abilities of women, yet opposed female suffrage. Her fame and fortune came from her skill with guns, a concept that was counter to her Quaker upbringing.

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