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First up in the N+S Holiday Gift Guide are local Brooklyn, NYC clothing designers who pay tribute to tattoos of the prison kind. If you're like me, you'll soon spend today gorging yourself so the sound of chewing drowns out the familial questions of why you write about tattoos daily instead of regularly practicing law. While the nitrous given to Brian wears off (the only explanation why he'd post that old SNL vid), I'm gonna give you something new, brand new in fact:Brazilian tattoo artist of over 13 years, Gustavo Rizerio, has made his home in Brooklyn, NYC now and has become the newest resident artist of the Tattoo Culture family in Williamsburg. It's early afternoon in NYC on a rainy Monday and I'm having the pleasure of canceling credit cards and pondering the contents of a purse that is no longer in my possession. Still wrestling with jet lag since my return to Brooklyn from the Ta Moko Tatau Tattoo convention in Auckland so I'll keep this short and simply direct you to pretty pictures. The Ta Moko Tatau Tattoo Convention came to an end Sunday night (or Monday morn if you count the after-party) and succeeded in its overriding goal: Kotahitanga, the Maori word for unity. Today was the first day of the Ta Moko Tatau Tattoo Convention in Auckland, New Zealand, and as usual, I took my bad point-n-shoots and uploaded pics to Flickr. Once a month at our family Shabbat service we ask families to submit questions in advance in what, in lieu of a sermon, is our ‘So now you know’ slot.
I shared the historical evolution of the source and interpretation of the Torah that led to a Jewish ban on tattoos throughout the ages. 2) A young adult, as a sign of pride in her Jewish identity, chooses to have the Hebrew letters that spell Chai, meaning ‘life’ tattooed just above her heart. 3) A man, upon reconnecting with his sense of Jewish identity, community, and recommitting to Jewish learning, decides to have his Hebrew name tattooed on his shoulder as an outward sign of his return to his faith. Rabbis Without Borders is a dynamic forum for exploring contemporary issues in the Jewish world and beyond. I know, it's a common problem.When asked, "What's new?" you'll leave out the part about your newly decorated foot, and instead quickly discuss your joy over the Greek soccer team qualifying for the World Cup. Gustavo's portfolio ranges from Japanese to Biomech (as shown in this post) as well as Black & Gray, and feminine florals. With a To DO list gettin anxious as Celine Dion plays on the phone while I hold for my bank representative, my laptop dings. Check out Mikey Freedom's Flickr set from the show.He says he has more to upload including pix of me making painful faces during my foot tattoo session with Jacqueline Spoerle. This included, of course, the question as to the truth of the myth that a tattoo denies one burial in a Jewish ceremony. Rather than tattooing his father’s number that was permanently inscribed in his skin in the concentration camps, the son chooses to have the number 6,000,000 tattooed on his arm. For her, it is a sign of her connection to her people and to the land of Israel – Am Yisrael Chai – the people of Israel still live. Written by rabbis of different denominations, viewpoints, and parts of the country, Rabbis Without Borders is a project of Clal – The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership.
She can create one, two or three word ambigrams but for my design I wanted two separate words that read the same up and down. Roman is quick to point out on his Etsy store that none of the designs are affiliated with any criminal organization or code.

I will refuse to trample hapless Walmart employees for a "hot holiday hamster," but I will also not play the holier-than-thou card and pontificate over the evils of over-consumption. I was so inspired by the show that I did what any bod-mod nerd would do: I came home and researched Tim Burton-inspired tattoos. I can go on for a hundred blog pages, but let me break it down to the highlights of the convention:* On Friday the 13th, a welcome ceremony or Powhiri at Orakei Marae took place to kick off the weekend's show. Mo'o took a break from his hand-tapping tatau and led me by the hand to introduce me to artists I "must meet." I gotta admit it was a bit intimidating. While I can’t vouch for the individual policies of specific burial societies and grounds, there is certainly no halachah that denies burial of a Jew in a Jewish cemetery on these grounds.
And, as I reminded those in my congregation last Friday, we can all look back at photos of ourselves from past decades and regret some of the fashion choices we made.
So you won't get your ass kicked in Brighton Beach.The coolest part is that the stories behind the designs are found on each product page. Celebrate our return home with some powerful graphic statements of our not-so-distant past. I spoke to generations of tattoo masters, old school and new school, including Moko practitioners from Mark Kopua to Te Rangitu Netana, and Samoan tufunga from Petelo Sulu'ape to Pat Morrow (who is seen working here).* Tricia Allen -- tattooist and anthropologist -- helped me with my Polynesian pronunciations and over breakfast, regaled me with stories of her amazing adventures from hitching rides to the islands on whaling vessels to listing the numerous tropical diseases she battled. Just as we don’t deny burial to someone for their lack of observing another of the commandments found in the Torah, such as observing Shabbat or refraining from eating non-kosher animals or fish. The good news is that most of us have the luxury of being able to change our clothes and update our hairstyles quite easily. With this in mind, I've come up with a Holiday Gift Guide for y'all to lessen the pain of holiday shopping and not feel dirty while doin it.Starting today until next Friday, I will post a gift suggestion every day. This:Tattoo Lady Edith and Tattoo Man Percy selling for $28 on the equally fab Spitfire Girl shop.
Only the sexy people.But the one basic aspect of tattooing that has launched a thousand theories is healing. Buy her book Tattoo Traditions of Hawaii, the award-winning, definitive book on the subject.* Sunday highlights are a tie between two most memorable moments for me. I'm overwhelmed with the beauty, kindness and spirit of today's convention, and so to spare you my sentimental melodrama, I'll just leave you with the images of the day. A time when our study of the subject reveals that the origins of the law – a prohibition against idolatry – clearly do not hold in these cases. Removing a tattoo is a much more costly and involved process, so there are still plenty of good reasons to pause for a good, long time before proceeding down that path, even if the threat of banishment from a Jewish cemetery isn’t one of them.
They were both great but I had envisioned something different so she came back with two more designs, and I chose my favorite from those two, both stellar designs. Everything I suggest, I own so I can vouch for quality, shipping and ease of transaction online. Burton characters are imaginative art that professional tattooists can run wild with but unfortch it seems that many professional tattooists were not consulted. The dolls are beautifully designed by California tattoo artist Jason Schroder of Incognito Tattoo.

The first is watching a beautiful seven-year-old tattoo her father with complete confidence and grace for paparazzi like myself -- see above and Flickr for more photos -- at the Hammerhead tattoo booth.
For those who are not bound by the halachic process, where later rabbinic positions are not regarded as the final word on how we observe today, the landscape of decision-making is clearly different to what it once was.
Instead a Google image search largely finds the work of that dude who "tats up" {shudder} from his kitchen table.But when they are good, they are very good.
We may have been looking at the next Filip Leu.* But I had paparazzi of my own as I stood above the crowd on the table of the Corazon Tattoo booth while Jacqueline Spoerle designed, and then tattooed, my tiny elf foot. We know that many Jews continue to observe and celebrate based on the additional criteria of personal meaning, and these three examples are saturated with such meaning. To use a design that has already been created is only ten bucks, so taking a screen grab of her work and tattooing it not only makes one a thief but a cheap ass.
So instead of doing the point-n-laugh at the bad ones, here are some faves:* Nikko Hurtado's Edward Scissorhands portrait above.
The list includes some offbeat suggestions like the "Noxema heal" but doesn't include the more recent "Japanese method" of hot water soaking (also noted in Wikipedia).As for me, my back, arms, stomach, ribs and even the back of my head (see my tattoo pix here) have all healed according to the LITFA method.
Jacqueline is an amazing blackwork artist, also featured in my book, with a light hand and great sense of humor. You don't want that bad juju going into your body anyway so do the right thing and respect her copyright.
Nikko is incapable of doing anything but A-plus portraits but I particularly love how Johnny Depp's eyes glisten with soulfulness. But I have to include it because it's the only book ever published -- and as a 9lb massive coffee table book  -- on modern Blackwork tattoos.
Don't scratch and later moisturize.But this was not going to do for my new foot tattoo, needled by the wonderful Jacqueline Spoerle at the Auckland tattoo fest Sunday.
I faced two problems: I was going to be on my feet for a long time and walking around not-so-clean places AND I had a 13-hr flight less than 48 hours later.
Jacqueline has been working a great deal lately with doctors in Switzerland doing reconstructive nipple and mastectomy scar tattooing for breast cancer survivors, and has asked the MDs how they suggest healing fresh tattoos. It's petroleum-free and uses natural ingredients including calendula oil, which is high in Vitamin E. I just took the iPhone photo above in my LA hotel (a quick stopover as I wait to head back to NYC tomorrow.
Will post photos of the tattoo when it heals and we'll see how this new method worked.Feel free to share your tattoo aftercare in the comments section.

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