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Among the distinctive tattoo designs, one of the most attractive design in demand is the key tattoo.
The heart tattoos depicted in this site vary greatly in their style and can go well with almost any look. Heart tattoos have always been popular, and we usually associate them with the old school, Sailor Jerry type of tattooing. A couple, wanting to express undying love for one another, get matching heart tattoos with each other’s names written on a sort of banner. The combination of heart tattoos and names started in the beginning of the 20th century when sailors wore red hearts with the word Mom in the center.
In Ancient Egypt myths, the heart was weighed against the feather of Ma'at (the ancient Egyptian goddess of truth). Hearts and flowers are an obvious combination, both being a symbol of love (especially the rose).
Pete Doherty: has a heart with the letter K on the inside (for Kate Moss) on his left shoulder. Goldie Hawn: actress with a small blue heart tattoo on her ankle, done in Tahiti for her 60th birthday. Ville Valo: has a heartagram (combination of a heart and a pentagram) on his neck and belly and a heart tattoo on his right wrist.
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The elegant locket tattoo here shows an open heart dangling from a tattooed chain on the feet. This very gothic locket tattoo shows a black heart with a small skull head in the key hole.

The metallic woman locket tattoo has a metallic feel and a girl face in profile on one side of the heart. Wow such an awesome collection of heart lock tattoos i liked the Shining Heart Locket Tattoo very much because its big and beautiful.
Angel Wings Heart Locket Tattoo design a very stylish tattoo design and its looking cool with that heart locket in this tattoo. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Christians believe it is the seat of emotions (more particularly love) and Islam sees the heart as the spiritual centre. It doesn't really look like the real thing, more like a cow's heart (historically, people saw a lot more cow hearts than human hearts).
This Christian symbol stands for the heart of Jesus Christ and the divine love for humanity.
The tattoo is most commonly seen as a heart shape, with a keyhole in it, implying that the heart is a locked space that you have to unlock to get access to the secretive inner heart of the person who has the tattoo done. I used to have a collection of accessories with a heart locket design but not have a tattoo yet. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Key tattoo styles are designed alone or designed with a spread of various components and symbols. These tattoos are mostly done in red, the color of a warm heart, although occasionally they may be done with other colors such as black.
A red candle glows, blood drips, blue roses flower and angel eyes keep a vigil through the tattoo.

These tattoos are mostly done with red or a combination of red with other colors like blue, green and golden. Key tattoos can be designed alone or they can be placed with alternative symbols and components depending on the customer choice.
Some of the more frequently observed heart tattoos are hearts with arrows, pierced hearts, the Sacred Heart and heart with wings. These key tattoos look fabulous when it is tattooed on wrist or waist however choice is all yours.
Although each heart variation is characterized by the presence of specific symbols, colors and elements, these are not rigid, and can be combined in any way one wants. One distinct feature about the Key tattoo is that the lock isn’t designed with the key. Heart tattoos can also come with many other symbols, like birds, butterflies, flowers, barbed wires, stars and flames.
Among different tattoo designs, key tattoo designs are also popular for its unique feature. Sometimes the heart itself is made of flowers, and sometimes flowers surround the heart or originate from the heart. The keys can be connected to the heart locket by a velvet thread, or they may be kept separately.

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