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Darcy Clarke is back with us to talk about health and wellness tonight, concentrating on getting ourselves balanced and to be the best we can be at this time.
One of our Virginia Affiliates Susan Sprouse joined us today discussing her Karatbar experience and views. NanoGirl is back on the show and tonight to traverse time itself and take a look at something we all live by, but have little concept of – TIME!
We even throw in the man himself, Nikola Tesla, and his flirting with the first time technology of its kind, not the only first that this forgotten genius came upon.
An Irish girl has invented a life-saving sleeping bag for the homeless–with the added benefit of creating jobs for some former street dwellers. Emily Duffy came up with the idea after “living rough” for a day on Dublin’s streets, experiencing life as thehomeless do to raise money for a charity that helps them.
The 15-year-old Desmond College student thought cloth bags were too impractical — dirty, dangerous, and hard to keep dry. Duffy’s invention, dubbed “Duffily Bags,” have a highly reflective, fire retardant and waterproof shell.
She recently showed off her invention at the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition in Dublin, which showcased some of the brightest ideas of the country’s young people.
The bags are already being produced by former homeless people now earning $10 an hour at the Mendicity Institution — a homeless service center in Dublin. Anonymous has very kindly posted the most comprehensive listing of Hillary and her lies , crimes, and corruption. Hillary Clinton Ties Emerge In Panama Papers: (6 $BILLION MISSING OF STATE DEPT FUNDS NOW THIS? Hillary told secret service agent who refused to carry her bag to ‘get the f*** away from me’, and treated her detail like hired help but Bill was a softie .
The Scorpion personality: Scorpios can be described as either powerful or weak, independent or clingy, and passionate or cold. Although Scorpions may be prone to seek revenge, they will also try to repay a kindness as best as they can. They can adapt to new situations, and if something is a failure, they will try to make it a success. I asked her if everything was all right, and she eruptedA in anger about something her husband had done to her.

We get into paradoxes and timelines taking a look at the work of Dr David Lewis Anderson of the Anderson Institute of Time. His tech sounds eerily similar to the processes we describe in relation to that facility under the Swiss Alps…… CERN!
The extent of how extreme those contradictions are depends on the individual, but they are not bad people. Scorpion people can be described as being impassive, and most people might want to avoid them on first sight.
Sometimes the bad can outweigh the good in their qualities, but they’re still loving, caring people.
Try not to use people like pawns on a chessboard, because everyone has a mind of their own.
They might not be scary people per say, but they might be giving off vibes that say otherwise. It would probably be best to stay on their good side, because they’re known to be vengeful.
Again, they tend to have a jealous and possessive streak in which they expect all or nothing from the people they become involved with. TheyA can choose to be forgiving and merciful, allowing the conflict and the improper attitudes and behaviorA to be covered by the blood of Jesus. The implication is that the husbands and wives to whom Peter was writing were already carrying out these improper and destructive actions; therefore, he was strongly warning andA forbidding them to stop this wrong behavior.
You could say that this word pictures a person who is determined to do to someone else exactly what the offender didA to him. Ia€™m telling you, friend, this is the wrong route to take!A What you sow is exactly what you reap. It is far better for you to sow mercy and forgivenessA than to get into the business of sowing bitterness.
This Greek word tells us exactly what the husbands and wives to whom Peter was writing must have beenA feeling. This wordA loidoria pictures a person who feels (whether or not those feelings are based on actual truth) that he or she has beenA ill-treated, misused, berated, and abused. This person considers himselfA victimized, oppressed, mishandled, harassed, manhandled, violated, defiled, imposed upon wrongly, debased,A and humiliated.

When compounded together, the word eulogia means good, swell, wonderful, and pleasurable words.A You can be sure that at some point along the way, your spouse will disappoint you and let youA down. Even if he or she doesna€™t mean to do it, it will happen simply because your mate is human orA because you have expectations that are impossible for anyone to meet 100 percent of the time.A So when your flesh gets riled up and feels like it has been violated or mistreated, dona€™t immediately blow your top and start acting ugly in response. If youa€™ll let the Holy Spirit work in you, He will show you how to return kindness for every injustice you perceive has been done to you. A wrong response from you will only aggravate the situation andmake it worse.A Instead of paying back acts of unkindness with harsh, retaliatory remarks or calculated acts of revenge, make the decision that you are going to respond to every incident by speaking a blessing over your spouse!
In other words, when you think of something negative that your spouse has done, determine not to give in to the urges of your flesh to retaliate. Choose instead to return those inconsiderate acts with words of love.A If something has happened that tempts you to be bitter, refuse to take offense. Instead of responding with words that attack and tear down your spouse, decide that youa€™re going to speakwords that build him or her up. Instead of paying back an insult with an insult, make the decision to speak a blessing!A That day when the woman sitting next to me on the airplane talked about how she was going to pay her husband back for the things he had done to her, I could see that she was headed down a road of revenge that would only aggravate her situation.
Ita€™s all right to talk about things that disappoint you, but that kind of discussion needs to take place in a healthy, productive way.
Even though my spouse has been wrong as well,A he (or she) couldna€™t have been any uglier or more hurtful than I was when I spoke thoseA harsh, retaliatory words.
Please help me to become more like Jesus a€” to release blessing afterA blessing as I speak only words of kindness to my spouse. I refuse to get into the retaliation business, for I am called to be in the blessing business! What happened when you responded to a bad situation with words of kindnessA instead of with retaliatory remarks? Are you willing to ask the Holy Spirit to prepare you for the next time you faceA a potentially explosive situation in your marriage?

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