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Due to their beautiful look and powerful movements, many tattoo enthusiasts prefer to have the immortal Koi fish embedded on their bodies as symbol of power and elegance.  The bold orange color of this Japanese fish and the blue color of the water blend well together that creates an attractive scene which is nice to look at if used in a Japanese Koi Fish tattoo art.
The image of a Koi fish is usually added to a Lotus Flower tattoo to form a more appealing Japanese design.  You can also be flexible in producing a unique design of Japanese Koi Fish tattoo art by using the colors of white and black to signify the yang-yin balance known as the strong and weak energies in Chinese language, or the equivalent of bright and dark which is commonly used in Japanese designs.

Compared to ordinary fish, the Koi is considered mysterious by many cultures across the globe especially in Japan where its myth has existed since time immemorial.  With these amazing qualities of Koi fish, many people in the West prefer to embed its image on their bodies as a mystical work of Japanese Koi Fish tattoo art. With the strong belief that a Koi fish tattoo will bring high esteem, joy and maximum fulfillment of goals in life, this legendary Japanese fish has become more popular as a design used in Japanese Koi Fish tattoo art for many people.

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