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Author: admin | Category: Tribal Heart Tattoos | 25.11.2013

Kokopelli tattoos have a certain popularity nowadays as a way for someone to express his or her Southwestern identity or interest in Native American tribal cultures. As a Native American symbol, there are plenty of stories that encompass Kokopelli, but most are up for interpretation and they vary based on region. Kokopelli is a symbol for fertility and renewal on many different levels going from childbirth to crops and seasons. Another theory says that Kokopelli is a sort of insect (a robber fly), that is known for its fervent reproductive urge.

Your ultimate tattoo will be something that is still consistent with the Native American symbol, as well as uniquely your own.
Kokopelli is the bearer of fertility and agriculture,  but he is also a trickster god and a bit mischievous.
They were found on pottery of the Hohokam, one of the first inhabitants of Southern Arizona. In short, Kokopelli tattoos have the benefit of being widely recognizable, unique and full of spiritual meaning at the same time.

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