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By popular demand (thanks Ray) the butterfly lightbox has been extended with new functionality. I then added some images using visual lightbox.October 23, 2013 Question concerning image gallery examples and Video Lightbox We have purchased the business version of both Visual and Video Lightbox. I then made a simple page in iWeb.October 19, 2013 How to insert image gallery lightbox in iweb I am having a lot of trouble implementing my gallery into my iWeb site.

Could you please send me or give me the URL of the license agreement?October 22, 2013 Put lightbox gallery html HTML code into website Can you explain to me how to get the HTML code to put into my website?
That photo you clicked on is always also a part of the gallery.October 23, 2013 Make free image gallery script and video lightbox play nice together I had a video using video lightbox on a page and it was working fine.

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