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Life is an unresolved mystery for human beings which still remains a hot topic of research by each of us in our own different ways.
People also get them carved on their body parts as tattoo designs to express their attitude or just for inspiration and motivation. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Believe Tattoos, Words For Tattoos, Literary Tattoos and Ambigram Tattoos. The graceful cursive font used in this forearm tattoo and the small red heart has a pretty charm. The girl with earphones and a back tattoo bearing the amazing words tries to live up to the philosophy. Inspiring tattoo bearing the three words one after another in vertical fashion with a heart shape.
The powerful words are the secret to a happy and successful life that all of us wish to live. Carved in small, running handwriting font, the golden words hold deep meaning for all of us. This weapon is going to come handy in all the aspects of your life if you implement the philosophy in your daily life. The girl has got these beautiful words just now and has to keep pad on them to assuage the swelling. The butterfly lives the words thoroughly in her short life span and therefore, is always free.

Simple and sober handwritten font exclaiming the cool line along with a heart shape looks great.
The meaningful words get a gorgeous touch here with the color combination of red and black and a fancy font. This girl has got the tattoo, etched on her back, in a funky looking font that is looking cool. The words forming the outline of the heart shape tattoo design look pretty and have a lovely charm. Another cursive font design with vines decorating the line on sides, creates a soothing look. Colorful butterflies and small heart shapes hovering near the words exude a positive warmth.
The stars around the words signify the ambition of the wearer to live up to the words in real life. Cute and tiny font bearing the words with red heart shapes in between brings out a sexy back piece design. This wearer has got the tattoo carved around her wrist to remind herself about the value of love in life.
Cherry blossom flowers and Kanji script saying live, laugh, love make a sweet tattoo piece. Small but effective words that would always keep you on the right track while going for any act.

The girl’s feet covered in her high heel sandals, bearing the tattoo, carved in pretty and tiny font is looking charming. This back neck tattoo showing two colorful birds carrying a scroll with the three words looks quite cute.
The girl has selected cool places to put the triple words which have been scribbled in a shaky font.
Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Throughout our lives, we try to figure out that secret which is supposed to be the remedy for all our troubles.
Among such tattoos, the live laugh love tattoos are very popular and many men and women can be seen wearing them in different fashion.
We read books, listen to sermons, go to church and do all kind of stuff to bring happiness and peace in our lives. Some people also add images and pictures like stars, butterflies and heart shapes because they gel well with the idea behind the logic.

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