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When you see a water lily or lotus flower floating atop the surface of a pond or swamp, you’d be remiss if you weren’t taken by its beauty. There’s something majestic, almost ethereal, about that stately flower’s bold presence amongst the tangles of weeds and muck. The specific symbolism of the lotus flower depends on which culture you feel most connected to, if any. This article isn’t designed to tell you how to believe; only to share the various historical, cultural, and spiritual symbolism that the lotus flower has been associated with.
The lotus flower is steeped in many ancient belief systems including ancient Egyptian mythology, Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese  paintings and poetry, and even Mayan folklore. Because the lotus flower grows in the east, and most of the legends and folklores come from the east, most of the symbolism  – especially that found in Hinduism, Taoism and Buddhism, refers to the lotus flower, not water lilies. Its ability to grow from mud, rise through murky waters, and ascend clean and pure in appearance. The fact that you never see a wilted, dying or dead lotus flower on the water is because they sink below the surface after they have reached the end of their lifespan, which created the illusion of them never dying, but simply being reborn each day in a new location (which we know now was simply a new flower). Each of the lotus colors – white, blue, pink, and sometimes red or purple – has its own special symbolism in addition to the symbolism of the flower itself.
Blue: The most commonly portrayed color in Egyptian art, the blue lotus  is said to have been a significant part of the earth’s creation, rising from the primordial muck and giving birth to Rah, the sun God.
In addition to its rich significance in Egyptian mythology, the blue lotus grew in abundance along the Nile River. In both Egyptian and Buddhist art, the blue lotus is always depicted as only a partially open flower, never showing its center. Pink: The most prominent of all lotus flower symbolism in Buddhism, it is reserved only for the highest deity, Buddha, who is often portrayed as sitting atop the flower. The pink lotus is often referred to as the “Sacred Lotus” or “Indian Lotus” and is the national flower of India, where in Hindu lore, Lakshmi – the goddess of wealth – sits atop the flower from which she was born. The lotus’s sacred status, however, does not prevent it from being a popular ingredient in many Asian dishes.
Purple:  In Buddhism, the purple lotus is not nearly as common as the other colors, but it represents mysticism and spirituality. Red: The red lotus, unsurprisingly, is said to represent love and compassion as well as purity of heart.
Once you’ve read enough to feel comfortable that you have a basic understanding of what the lotus flower means in other cultures, you then have to decide what it means to you. If you decide you just want a lotus flower (or water lily) simply for its beauty, then by all means do so.
Hi, recently I've been getting more people looking for Tattoos with meaning so I decided to put this banner below. As popular as the rose tattoo is, the lotus flower tattoo is now rivalling it for the most popular flower tattoo. It is that stately presence that has captured the attention of poets, artists, and even the Gods themselves since the beginning of time. Remember that tattoos, like any other form of art, are open to interpretation and can mean something completely different to each person.
Although, it’s been discovered that the Egyptians often confused the difference between water lilies and lotus flowers, thus creating some misunderstanding about the distinction between the two.

If that distinction matters to you when choosing a design for a tattoo, it’s something you’ll want to keep in mind when doing a photo search.
Its emergence from the water and gradual opening throughout the day that shares similarities with the rising of the sun over the horizon, symbolizing rebirth or resurrection.
The ancient Egyptians revered the flower for its longevity, being the only flower that bloomed consistently throughout the year. Manjushri , known as the Buddha of Wisdom, is portrayed as being seated upon a pink lotus but holding a blue lotus flower in his left hand. In Buddhist lore, the Goddess Maya, who was to give birth to the Buddha, was compared to a white lotus flower by her people. The flower was said to protrude from the navel of Vishnu and sat upon by Brahma, who then carried out Vishnu’s orders to create the world. In artistic renderings, it’s often drawn with eight prominent petals to represent the eight auspicious symbols that lead to enlightenment, the lotus flower being one of those 8 symbols. If you decide to get a lotus flower tattoo based on a belief system, however, I encourage you to research that faith more thoroughly so that you truly understand the deep significance of the spiritual culture you declare yourself to be part of. Lotus flowers are bright pink and deep red, however many choose to have them inked in grayscale if pink or red is not appropriate. It appears numerous times in the Bible and is featured in many religious myths around the world.
The rose and lotus tattoos are now often combined, they are both beautiful and one of the more lovely tattoos with meaning. The lotus flower starts off as a small flower with little or no meaning in life, once it blossoms it turns into one of natures best looking flowers. Some of these designs are absolutley gorgeous but I think its a shame more people do not opt for the stand a lone lotus flower. It is the subject of legend, folklore, and spiritual enlightenment – and more recently, it is the subject of many tattoos worn by those who have been captivated by its symbolism.
There is no “wrong” way to believe – even if you simply think the flower is beautiful and nothing more, that’s enough of a reason to get it as a tattoo; there are no rules that govern what something has to mean to you before you can have it inked on your body.
Parts of the flower had many medicinal and practical applications, and is still appreciated today for its narcotic effects that can relieve pain, muscle spasms, and anxiety. Inking that design on your skin without fully understanding its significance to those who hold that faith very dear would be disrespectful.
Their gradually opening flower is truly something to behold, and they go well with other tattoos.Flowers are a popular choice of design for tattoos, and a lotus flower tattoo design is particularly eye-catching. Usually used in stories where the main character is trapped in his own way of thinking only too see or feel something that gives him a new belief. It is one of those tattoos with meaning, heart, peace and a subtle attractiveness that people admire. The beauty of a lotus flower tattoo design is that it will look amazing in practically any location on the body, and can be as big or as small as you want it.
A full size lotus flower tattoo is a joy to look at and the wearer you should be honored to wear such a mystical flower. From a huge lotus flower back tattoo, to a small design on the inner wrist, these tattoos make beautiful and meaningful additions to any body art. The color of the lotus flower is also important in the Buddhist religion, so why not try a design in one of these colors?1.

The precision that was needed to input the amount of detail into a space that small is amazing. I cant even imagine how long this piece would have taken, it would have hurt to walk for a good week. It is as if something beautiful is growing on top of something that was once dead in order to bring redemption to it. It is apparent that this lotus flower means more to these two than just some simple flower.5.
The ability to put a big face in a thin spot like the arm is hard to do but this artist nailed it.
Do your research first, as some tattoo artists may not have used white ink before so you should make sure that they have experience.Red Lotus Flower15.
A red flower represents love and compassion, and a lotus flower design in bright, bold red really stands out as a fabulous tattoo.Blue Lotus Flower16.
A blue flower represents enlightenment through knowledge and intellect, so would look awesome as part of a larger piece.
The natural colors and shading of the leaves really allows the flower to take center stage.
A pink flower represents the greatest qualities of Buddha, and will look super feminine and delicate as a tattoo for a woman. A purple flower represents mysticism, and the vivid color of the petals will look dazzling in contrast to a yellow inner heart.Lotus Flower on WaterIn Hinduism the lotus flower is also a very important spiritual symbol, and like in Buddhism its ability to surface from murky waters also characterizes spiritual rebirth.
Choosing your design to include water as a background not only looks fantastic, it also gives a deeper spiritual meaning to your tattoo.
The way that the pedals go from dark at the bottom to light at the top really show the talent that the artist has to blend colors well.23. One of the coolest things is recognizing that within some tattoos their are images hiding in plain sight. The flower is riddled with amazing detail and it looks as if you could pluck the pedals right off.
As the branch and leaves are filled with detail, they surround the flower and bring it all together. The tattoo was done in such a way where it looks as if their are very little outlines which is a tricky thing to do.26. White ink is becoming more and more popular but has yet to catch on with the main stream tattoo lovers. Japanese dragon tattoos look amazing and powerful with some strategically placed lotus flowers as a background, and would look perfect as a full- or half-sleeve tattoo.Whether you choose a lotus flower tattoo purely for aesthetic reasons or to demonstrate deeper, more spiritual side, the different options for the final design are countless, as these marvelous designs show. ReplyLeave a Reply Cancel replyComment Follow Us Tattoo Easily Copyright © 2016.

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