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Many people love the lotus patterns for their tattoos because lotus tattoos are meaningful. Flower tattoos are for the most part a development of the past few decades, and testimony to the fact that it is now acceptable for a woman to get tattoos ( it wasn't always like this). Flower tattoos can be pretty and rather feminine looking, but all the same there is considerable variety with regard to the style and overall look of the tattoo. Flower tattoo designs are also popular amongst men, but then they are usually incorporated in a tribal design, or combined with a skull, cross or dagger. A lily as a flower in general denotes purity, but there are many different kinds of lilies and lily tattoo designs. In ancient Egypt, the lily was a symbol for fertility, while in medieval times it symbolized innocence.
Lotus flower tattoos are amongst my favorite tattoo designs because of their symbolic meaning. The lotus flower is seen often in Indian and Chinese mythology, where it is a symbol for spiritual awakening. Flower tattoos are an attractive option for women who want a discreet and feminine tattoo, but they are more than that. Lotus, which is also one of the eight auspicious symbols in the eastern countries also, has linkage to the Egyptian Sun God Ra who is believed to have taken birth from this flower. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Angel Tattoos, Wedding Tattoos, Travel Tattoos and Tattoo Quotes.
Look the beautiful and elegant one with this swan like tattoo of a lotus on your back and expose your vulnerable side to the world and walk with confidence. Enjoy the blue lotus with an air of elegant charm and throw away all inhibitions as you sport it on yourself in a huge way.
Let your life bloom with success, and growth with this beautifully engraved lotus on your body. Symbolically representing grounded values and signifying attaining your dreams the frog and the butterfly endorse their effect on the lovely pure lotus flower. Patch your life with the ideal way of living and move on with a force that is unstoppable and an attitude that is unbeatable.
Be spiritual and enjoy being a good soul, let the feeling pass and send the right vibrations across the world. Show you can be the wild and the bold one and express it with this beautiful representation on your shoulder. Set your desires on fire and heat up the passion within with this beautifully carved tattoo.
Shade it up and enjoy the peace, have the lotus and enjoy the strength, bear it on you and bask in the attention you get. Make a statement with this extravagant lotus on your back and exhibit the best of your intentions to the world with this stylish emblem. Get choked with pleasure and enjoy the ecstasy of pure thoughts and lively intentions which is what you get with this beautiful lotus on you. Give it up for all those fantasies you had and enjoy every moment of the goodness you beget when you share it with the world. Bring back all the nostalgia and let them rest under the skin, lest they be taken away from you. Let your feet do all the talking and let your hand rise to the occasion putting you on the success pedestal with these lotus petals on your feet. Trace back to a time of the past and wait for the time in future, believing in the present to the maximum.

All the white lotus tattoos shown here are very different in designs from one others and are looking very nice.
Great share, tattoos can look like works of art when on a larger scale, but there is no reason lotus tattoos can’t look great too.
Very good collection,i love The Success Mantra Tattoo is really nice,Its Stunning work,good to see.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. A floral tattoo is often a good first tattoo for a woman who wants something fairly subtle.
Roses mean very different things for different people, but there are some traditional meanings as well.
The cherry blossom is a symbol for female beauty and love (in China), but also for the transience of life (in Japan) because the cherry blossom blooms for a very short time only. Just like the beautiful lotus flower floats on the muddy waters of a pond, it is a symbol for purity floating on the dirty waters of our society. Just as the sunflower itself is bolder and more impact than most other flowers (due to its size and color), a sunflower tattoo is generally bigger and bolder than most other flower tattoos. They are very much in keeping with a feminine, ladylike appearance (Daisy is also a common girl's name) and are usually small. Flower tattoos can convey a variety of looks, images and styles, from old school to tribal.
The lotus is the most popular Eastern flower, which has dominated tattoos with flowers across countries. There is also another connection about the lotus flower, which is said to have been the divine vulva, which gave birth to all the Gods and Goddesses in Indian mythology.
Bring into your life the best of successful ventures and fortunate deals with this lovely lotus on yourself. Express your innermost desires through this dual expression on your back and put away all fears at rest.
Put wings on your dreams and attain the impossible by the simple conviction this tattoo could give you. Embalm these curves of pure thoughts and beautiful life in you and you are sure to exude a lot of radiance. Progress ahead with this endorsement on your body and leave no stone unturned to get what you want. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. They are more than a pretty image on a pretty girl though, flowers are full of age-old symbolism (see further). You can have just a single flower or a chain of flowers, or you can combine them with vines, butterflies, hummingbirds and ladybugs.
They are timeless and very attractive, and because they can be quite small, they can work in a variety of places and designs. Symbolic to cultures in Japan, China, India, Egypt and many such Asian countries, the lotus is revered as a symbol of spirituality in Buddhism.
So the lotus tattoo is something that is best portrayed as a symbol of peace, purity, and growth. If you want to have a tattoo or if you don’t what to choose for the next tattoo, you can stay here and take a look at the post. In fact, people have lotus engraved on them as it shows seeds being released when the time for blooming comes.

The lotus flower has many different meanings with each meaning being based on any one of a number of factors. Religion, the way the lotus is depicted (open, closed, partially open), the and the color all have unique and specific meanings.
We’re going to break the meaning down in as many ways as possible for those of you who might be considering getting a lotus tattoo. A Padma has special meaning to followers of the Hindu religion as it is associated with a number of their deities, particularly Vishnu and Brahma. The lotus in this context is used to represent divine beauty and purity, while the unfolding of its leaves represents the expanding of the soul and spiritual awakening.In relation to the Hindu religion, the lotus is the symbol on which much of the iconography is based. The Padma itself also bears a strong tie to the Shahasrara specifically and all the chakras in general.
Here’s a great resource for learning more about Hindu symbolism and the Hindu religion.
The Padma is traditionally shown as having a large number of petals because, as the story goes, the Padma has 1,000 petals.The Meaning of Lotus Flowers in BuddhismBuddhism, like Hinduism, also has a strong tie to the lotus flower. Buddhist symbolism related to the lotus flower is very complex and has many layers which may be combined with one another to create complex imagery of deep meaning. A white lotus symbolizes the pinnacle of achievement in the Buddhism and as such has come to be called the Flower of the Buddhas (though it does not represent the Buddha himself). Symbolizing the original state of the heart, a red lotus symbolizes love, compassion, passion, and other emotions of the heart. This lotus flower is often depicted as an open bloom to symbolize the ideal state of the heart.Symbolism of the Lotus in Eastern ReligionsWhen examined closely, the life cycle of the lotus is a metaphor, an allegory by which humans can elevate themselves. This idea is drawn upon by many Asian religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Shintoism. The plant pushes its stalk up through the mud and murky water to the surface where a beautiful blossom eventually blooms. In Greek mythology, the Odyssey mentions an island of Lotus-Eaters who live off of lotus flowers and fruit. In the story, this has a narcotic effect on everyone who eats them and the term Lotus-eater now relates to a person in a state of peaceful apathy.
The white lotus was associated with modesty and innocence.In Egyptian mythology, the Blue Lotus is associated with celebration as well as the ritual for passage into the afterlife. Meaning is assigned to flowers and arrangements can be used as a form of cryptography–meaning that messages or sentiments can be communicated through the meaning of flowers, their color, type, and arrangement.
Particularly for those who spend time away from their loved one(s) as a result of military service or their career.Getting a Lotus TattooAs you can see, the meaning of the lotus itself is full of deep historical and cultural meaning. By wearing such a symbol on one’s skin it implies that the traits attributed to the lotus flower are to be attributed to you as well. Though not everyone knows the various meanings of the lotus tattoo, it can provide you with an opportunity to enlighten strangers and friends alike, or you can simply keep the meaning of your tattoo private. Artists with advanced knowledge of the lotus and its meaning may be able to make suggestions to better incorporate your meaning or to bring the design more in line with traditional art forms, if that is your wish.

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