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He made me love him passionately, used me, and then threw me away, like an old  phone when it’s not enough to satisfy your needs, you will throw it away without regretting or even you will never think about it once again.
He flirted me, made me fall in love with him, and then dennied me with a brief statement that- “I dont love you… ”. He came and filled into my life with all the colorful lights, with all the happiness, with all smiles and no tears, but when he left away, all the colors faded, all the happiness dissapeared, all the smiles turned into tears.

There is a quote that I previously enjoyed, that is “Forgive and Forget”, but how can I forgive when he turned my life into hell? I loved him with all my heart, he was my life, my smile, my tears, my every thing and for him I was just a cheap toy to use in short time and then threw me far away.
I sobbed as a child when he left and implored him to go back but everything was meaningless.

My life suddenly became too stuffy,I didn’t know how to live, to love this life when love lost.

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