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Now a days When it comes to getting tattoos on your lower back, butterfly tattoos have proven to be simply irresistible for majority of people. It's an excellent implication to choose a butterfly design with multiple colors if you can afford a little costly tattoo.
This is a bit overwhelming, but bear in mind that you are going to have tattoo for a long time. Then, it is a good idea to decide whether you want other images to accompany the butterfly. But you can accompany your butterfly design with elements of its normal living environment such as flowers, plants and sunshine are all perfect elements that are matched to a butterfly tattoo, and which also demonstrate the undulations and feminine nature of your lower back.
The thing is that a lower back tattoo is indeed a thing of beauty that will catch you a lot of admiring glances. Some designs and their significance: The choice for lower back tattoo designs is quite vast.
The butterfly: This is one design that works well on the lower back and is widely preferred.
The heart: Women are known to be inclined romantically and what can be more romantic than the heart design?
The above given choices are only a few of the designs that are used for the lower back tattoos. Trying to decide where you should get your first tattoo (or your second or third, for that matter)? You can visit your local tattoo shop to browse lower back tattoo designs – but keep in mind that many of these designs are similar. A lower back tattoo is used as a wonderful body decoration and it is known to get a lot of attention from men.
Lower Back Tattoos can be a small butterfly or a big dragon, and both of these designs can look equally good. Their are some very classy desings here, like the black ones but also the ones with little red coloured fillings.
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When it comes to make the decision of which lower back butterfly tattoo to be inked with, the options are infinite!

The choice stretches from the various elements of nature to symbols from tribal and Celtic art.
The thing is a butterfly is all about metamorphosis from an ugly caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.
The heart can be simply tattooed or rendered in Celtic style to look different on the lower back area.
Plus when it comes to flowers you will also be able to pick from a wide variety of design possibilities, though the more common ones are the lotus and rose. Since the area is relatively in the bigger side and is mostly smooth, the design choices are quite huge. Especially for females, where you get your tattoo is just as important as the design you choose. It can be quite difficult to find ready-to-ink designs that are imaginative and eye-catching.
A tribal design has its pluses and minuses – the dark, thick lines are eye catching, so your tattoo will definitely get noticed… but chances are good that wherever you go, someone will have a tattoo very similar to yours! Although these aren’t quite as common as tribal tattoos, they are quickly gaining in popularity. Lower back tattoos are commonly found on women, but now there are some men that are even starting to get lower back tattoos. Our back is less affected by the aging effect when compared to other body parts and it has a huge canvas for the artistic minds of tattoo artists to take complete and total advantage of. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. We think butterfly tattoos on lower back are some of the best choices for tattooing on lower back. This area can be displayed or concealed according to the situation , thereby making the concealing of the tattoo really easy as per the need of the moment. This is because the lower back represents a curve that is essentially defined as a feminine curve. Since the heart is supposed to be the seat of the softer emotions, this tattoo represents love, affection, passion and care. Since they are picturesque and colorful, they look great and also have a lot of symbolic value.

Lower back tattoos convey a sense of sexiness, no matter whether you opt for a tiny heart or a tribal design that reaches from hip to hip. If you want a unique lower back tattoo, try getting basic ideas from ready-made designs, and then incorporating your own ideas to make your tattoo truly one of a kind! And since stars can be used with a variety of other elements, you and your tattoo artist can easily create a custom lower back tattoo design that is both unique and attractive.
Therefore, you should talk with your tattoo artist and they will be able to tell you what will work for your specific body type and they will help you make the needed adjustments for the design to look right on your body. It is a great area for a tattoo since the lower back area looks great and can be especially alluring. Plus one of the most important considerations is that the skin on this area shows lesser signs of aging, weight gain or weight loss. Apart from the incredible allure that it will add to your overall look, these tattoos can also have a lot of symbolic value. Plus butterflies are believed to be carriers of our soul to a higher plane by some ancient cultures. Therefore, if you get a lower back tattoo, you will be making a fashion statement loud and clear.
Therefore, you have to make sure you are ready to endure the pain whenever you walk into the tattoo parlor with the intentions of getting a lower back tattoo. Among the many reasons that a lower back tattoo works , one of the main ones is the fact that the area is very flexible in terms of size and lends itself to big and small tattoos.
This means the look of the tattoo will remain unchanged to a large extent even after a longer period of time. I hope you enjoyed this list of lower back tattoos and I hope you found inspiration for your own tattoo.
Another important factor that makes the lower back an attractive area for tattooing is that you are less likely to expose this area to the elements on a regular basis.
Either way, if you’re ready to get a lower back tattoo you are going to love the designs we’ve found below!

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