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The following steps show how to create free ringtones for your iPhone using only iTunes and songs you already have on your computer. You can also download and install Free Ringtone Maker App to your iPhone to make free custom ringtones for your iPhone directly. Just an idea, under the ringtones tab in your iPhone’s settings is it set to sync ringtones?
When right clicking the file after I’ve trimmed the time down to 30 seconds it only gives me the option to Create MP3 version.
If you select ACC as the default file type for importing files, the convert to ACC will show up in the right click menu. If you would rather have your files imported as .mp3s, change the default back after your ringtone conversion.
I followed the instructions above, the .m4r transfers to iTunes 10 and to my iPhone 4 but is not recognized as a ringtone. A friend of mine called yesterday asking if there was a way to make his iTunes music files that he had imported from his CD collection smaller. Please note that the below directions can make music files not sound as good so you should play around with different settings (bitrate & file type) to see what sounds good enough before converting all of your iTunes music files. Modify Import Settings: Now from the iTunes Preferences window click on the Import Settings button to launch the iTunes Import Settings configuration window as displayed below. As noted in the beginning of this set of instructions you may find a different encoder such as AAC Encoder, AIFF Encoder, Apple Lossless Encoder, or the WAV Encoder to fit your needs better than the MP3 Encoder so again make sure to play around with the settings here to see which encoder and bitrate do the best job. Open iTunes Music Library: Now click the OK button for each of the three configuration settings windows that popped up during the above process and then click on Music underneath the Library heading in the left navigation.
After the song finishes converting you will notice that you now have two songs with the same title. As you can see the above file size is 2MB and after converting to the MP3 version with 128kbps bitrate the file was only 831KB which is less than half the size of the original.
Hopefully you can save a bunch of room on your iPhone or iPod Touch now by converting larger files to a lower bitrate and to MP3.

Like the noticeable (and welcome) performance boost in iTunes 11, but don’t like the new UI? DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. Right click on the song you are going to make into an iPhone ringtone and select "Get Info". After the song is done encoding, navigate to your iTunes Music folder, locate your song, and drag it to your desktop. After the extension is changed simply double click on the file to add it to your iTunes library under the ringtones section. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
Is this because I’m not an administrator, or is there some way to enable being able to see the option to enable being able to change things into AAC? Actually I find it easier to make a copy of the entire song to an AAC and then shorten up the AAC copy of the song. In past all you had to do was change the name of an mp3 file to an m4r and then double click the new file and it would open iTunes and automatically add it to your ringtone folder. Down at the bottom in the “When you insert a CD” section, the button on the right is Import Settings.
I was pretty sure this was possible but didn’t remember the exact method to accomplish this so I told him I would call him back.
The MP3 Encoder settings window will allow you to modify the settings of the MP3 Encoder with the Bitrate being the setting that will change the size of the file the most so try the 128 kbps setting here.
This will display a list of all of the music files in your iTunes library as displayed in the image below. The image below shows the options available on the menu when right clicking a file in your iTunes music library. I also feel like the second file sounds just as good as the original so I could now delete the original file.

Now iTunes 11 will look like the image at the start of the post…which is pretty close to iTunes 10. Or directly click the "Advanced" tab on the main menu of iTunes 8 and select "Create AAC Version" from the drop-down list. For those having problems getting ringtones to work, IE recognizes as music file or straight deletes the .m4r file go to properties after right clicking the actual file and select READ-ONLY. My problem was it would not register as a ringtone even though the format looked like it had changed.
I was able to figure out an easy method to convert files located in your iTunes library to make them smaller in size both by modifying the type of file and the bitrate of the music itself. To convert lots of files at once you can highlight them all by holding the shift key when selecting the music files in the iTune library.
A lot of those changes were cosmetic, but some of them included removing features like ringtone creation. Be careful though as some music files will be write protected and will not allow you to convert them from their original format.
All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. I also moved the file to the desktop so I was sure of it’s location when i manually dragged it to the ringtone screen in itunes.
You already have everything you need to make your own ringtones – iTunes, your music library, and this How-to. Go ahead and get started you’ll have a personalized ringtone for your iPhone in only a few minutes.

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