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When it comes to comfort food, nothing is more satisfying than hot apple pie, fresh from the oven.
Many people are intimidated by the idea of making their own piecrust and opt for pre-prepared crusts when they bake. Flour your countertop or other clean, flat surface, unwrap your dough ball and roll dough out into a circular shape an inch or two wider than your pie pan.
Leave about ¼ inch of dough draped over the pie pan and trim away any extra overhang.
Refrigerate your unbaked crust until you’ve prepared the filling and are ready to bake.
If you’re feeling ambitious and would like to add a lattice top to your pie, simply double the recipe and divide the dough into two plastic-wrapped balls to chill in the refrigerator.
You’ll also want to set aside extra dough if you want to make a decorative crust (like a braid or other pattern). If you’d like a lattice top, get your extra dough ball out of the fridge and roll it out on a clean, floured surface.

If you’re making a lattice top, arrange dough strips over the top of the filling in a crisscross pattern and then weave under and over one another for the lattice effect.
Place your strip of braided dough around the edge of the pie, covering the existing crust and ends of the lattice. Reduce oven temperature to 375 degrees and bake for an additional 45 minutes or until crust is golden brown.
August 16, 2011 By Henrietta 6 Comments Our annual family reunion was this past Saturday and we always have a ton of delicious treats to share while we visit and catchup. Making your own apple pie from scratch isn’t difficult at all, as long as you know what to do.
Mash the butter into the dry ingredients until the mixture begins to look like coarse crumbs. If you like, roll the dough out under a piece of plastic wrap to keep it from sticking to your rolling pin. The second ball will be for the lattice top, which you’ll make after prepare the pie filling.

All you have to do is mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and sprinkle a little extra cinnamon over the top to cover the mixture.
When you take the time to make your own apple pie from scratch, everyone will really appreciate the difference. The owners and operators of this site do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, and compliance of the content on this site.
I’ve been so hungry for Apple Pie lately that I went searching for the perfect recipe to take with me. Such content is not and shall not be deemed tax, legal, financial, or other advice, and we encourage you to confirm the accuracy of the content. Roberta enjoys decorating her hectic, but happy home and garden in original and affordable ways.

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