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Clothing in Second Life® is comprised of up to nine different pieces for different parts of your avatar. The clothing template files are structured to assist you in applying your artwork or textures to the appropriate section of the body without any gaps or seems. These layers provide a solid template for the basic edges of where you textures should be placed. A UV map is a technical term for a two dimensional (2D) blueprint for a three dimensional (3D) object. The lines on the UV map describe the connected shapes that combine to make your avatar three dimensional. His shoulder tattoo started as a small heart and he has gradually added onto to it over time. These guys think they're tough enough for tatts and while in some cases we beg to differ we have to admit there is something pretty darn sexy about men with tattoos.

The current (7 Jan 2007) individual template downloads are missing some important elements that are referred to in my tutorials.
One thing to keep in mind when creating your clothing is that given the extreme customizability of Second Life avatars, it can be difficult to plan for every possible body type. When you re-shape you avatar, it is those lines, faces, and vertices which stretch and shrink. Note that there are not individual templates for each type of clothing but a consolidated set. Because of this, clothing that appears to look good on your own avatar may appear stretched or deformed on other avatars whose geometry is radically different.
The red line on the front will match with the red line on the back when attached to your avatar. UV is actually an abbreviation for UVW which is simply the three letters that occur alphabetically before XYZ, which we all know are the axes that describe three dimensional space.

On Television, Lowe is known for his role as Sam Seaborn on The West Wing and his role as Senator Robert McCallister on Brothers & Sisters. He currently appears as a main cast member of Parks and Recreation in the role of Chris Traeger.
Because of a virus during infancy, he is deaf in his right ear (he later played a deaf character in The Stand). Lowe was baptized into the Episcopal church, though his maternal grandparents were Methodists.[2] He was raised in a "traditional midwestern setting" in Dayton, Ohio, attending Oakwood Junior High School, before moving to the Westside of Los Angeles with his mother and brother.
He attended Santa Monica High School, the same high school as fellow actors Emilio Estevez, Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn, Chris Penn and Robert Downey Jr.

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