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Click Here To Review 100+ Year Old Authentic Fully Restored Nautical and Antique Trunks For Navy or Military Retirement Gifts READY to be used as a Shadowbox! Unique Military and Navy Shadow Box Ideas Using Antique 100+ Year Old Fully Restored Nautical Style Antique Trunks As Navy Retirement Gifts, Army Retirement Gifts, Marine Retirement Gifts, or Military Retirement Shadow Box Gift Ideas For Him or Her! After 20 or more years of service why settle for just a typical shadow box as a Army Retirement Gift, Air Force Retirement Gift, Navy Retirement Gift or Military Retirement Gift, only to be hung on a wall? When you can get a 100+ year old nautical antique trunk to safely store your medals, ribbons, flags, uniforms, ceremonial swords, photograph albums, other service memorabilia and a lifetime of memories! These Authentic Nautical Antique Trunks can be used as both a Unique Shadow Box (or Shadowbox) and a Storage Chest as well! All of these fully restored antique trunks are between 100 to 150+ years old, a perfect compliment to your lifetime of military or naval service and will be a centerpiece display during your Military Retirement or Navy Retirement ceremony and a showpiece in your home! Beautifully restored in varying sizes and models to choose from for even the most discerning sailor! Click Here To Review 100+ Year Old Authentic Fully Restored Nautical and Antique Trunks For Navy or Military Retirement Gifts READY to be used as a Shadowbox or Shadow Box!
Note above how Keith (a Navy Warrant Officer) used both the lift out tray as a shadow box and inside of the lid for a complete display of his medals, ribbons, flag and uniform blouse! All three shadow boxes (2 in the lid and the 1 tray) can be removed for close viewing and even displayed on a wall if so desired. These authentic nautical antique trunks are also perfect to store your uniforms, hats, photograph albums, ceremonial swords and other naval memorabilia collected over a career in the service as well as to safely display small keepsakes.
Click Here To Review 100+ Year Old Authentic Fully Restored Nautical and Antique Trunks For Navy Retirement or Military Retirement Gifts READY to be used as a Shadowbox! Note how the lift out tray was fashioned into a military shadow box that can be lifted out and displayed if desired, while underneath can be stored all of the uniforms, caps, belts, photograph albums, and other memorabilia accumulated over 20 or more years of service!
The above antique trunk as turned into a navy retirement shadow box was trunk #154 which can be viewed here on The Pirate's Lair. Above left is how one of our Air Force clients took antique trunk #251 and turned it into a fantastic Air Force Retirement Gift and Shadow Box Idea which was used as part of his Air Force retirement ceremony. Using the inside lid in such a manner made everything easily safely and viewable with other service memorabilia such as uniforms, picture albums and memntos stored within the trunk to be easily retrieved. We are very honored to have one of our restored trunks selected for such an important event, and for thinking of us in sending this photo - Thanks Tom!

The above antique trunk #303 was turned into a US Navy retirement shadowbox now owned by Shelly. Above is an image of Shelly's restored antique trunk before it was re-outfitted into her navy retirement shadowbox. The above photos illustrate how Antique Trunk #426 was turned into an Air Force retirement shadowbox now owned by Chuck. Chuck selected to use mesquite to construct the two shadowboxes which perfectly match the 100 year old aged patina of the trunk. Below is an excellent example of what a Marine Corps married couple designed and constructed.
Above is one of our antique restored trunks #583 turned into a shadow box and stoarge chest for one of our USAF US Air Force Colonels who retired in late 2015. Please note that we do not provide, prepare, or construct the shadow box itself that fits into the trunk, this must be done locally at your location by a craftsmen familiar with making shadow boxes and your personal awards, ribbons, and displayed memorabilia. Click HERE to Review our For Sale and Available Authentic 100+ Year Old Restored Antique Trunks!
The following Text is soley for the consumption of Spiders, Bots and other Dark Denizens of the Internet: All nautical sea chests, or a domed sea chest also known as a camel back. Antique Trunks make the best military shadow box gift ideas as well as us navy shadowbox ideas for him or for her.
These unique retirement gift ideas to safely keep your uniforms, flags, other naval militaria and mementos ready for display, or used in a family heirloom treasures in a Military Retirement Shadow Box. Beautiful Navy or Military Shadow Box Ideas for him are Nautical Dome Top or Humpback Antique Sea chest for a navy retirement gifts for her ceremony or military promotion gifts. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ.
They are absolutely beautiful, ruggedly handsome and can compliment any room - especially that man cave! Note how the inside of lid of the flat top was used to easily display his unit patches, awards and medals so that when the lid is opened.
The shadow box was constructed in such a manner as to be displayed in the trunk or lifted out and mounted up on a wall. She was able to construct a fixed shadowbox in the lid that displays her retirement flag which was flown on the USS Constitution, as well as the various badges she earned over the years on Naval Service.

Note how he was able to construct a fixed shadowbox in the lid that displays his retirement flag, cammy fatigues, and dress blue uniforms. You will see two trunks (a pressed tin black and gold dometop, and an all wood roll top) both turned into retirement display and shadow boxes for a married Marine couple. Note the laser engraved placque which consisted of over 1300 letters which really personlized the trunk. Fully Restored Antique Trunks Like Sea Chests, Pirate Chests, Treasure Chests - Perfect as a Naval Retirement Gift, use as a Shadowbox and to store Uniforms and Service Memorabilia! One of our 100+ Year Old Nautical Antique Trunks can be used for both a Shadow Box and Storage Chest for your Uniforms, Photograph Albums, and Memorabilia! Sea Antique Chest with a Navy Retirement Shadow Box or a Shadowbox make the perfect naval retirement gifts or navy or naval promotion gifts for enlisted or officer. Perfect as a Navy Retirement Gift For Him, or Navy Retirement Gift For Her, or Military Retirement Gift! The liftout tray was re-constructed to be a removable shadowbox displaying her many ribbons and medals, duty stations, etc etc. A removable shadowbox-tray was constructed to display Chuck's many medals, ribbons, stripes and in a separate compartment his challenge coins with room to add more. Each selected their own trunk of choice and then had the interior of each constructed into a display and shadowbox. The Pirate has a special crewmember who is a trained artist in woodworking who performs this service right here at The Pirate's Lair! Note that while each trunk was significantly different based upon their different tastes, the construction of the interior of each trunk was very similar in style reflecting their marriage to each other, while different in content reflecting their individual careers. The carving on the top is a USMC Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) 25 with a favorite saying of the retiree above, and name and dates of service below.

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